Power Tools: Body-Mind-Spirit Life Support for NOW

Power Tools is about new beginnings…YOURS!

Power Tools a portal that opens into a Mind-Body-Spirit life support system for you. IT’S TIME TO GET REAL ABOUT YOUR LIFE. There is no point in pretending any longer…There is no “new normal.” There is only this now and the tomorrow now and the next NOW… and News Flash! Self-care is no longer optional. It is an absolute requirement. Power Tools is to help you get through the remainder of 2020 with as much strength, love and grace as possible.


Most of us are having some good and some bad days currently. We’re in the great unknown… Many have decided to stop watching the news…Stress levels are spiraling upward, most feel anxious a good bit of the time and perhaps some low-level depression may even be starting to show up.  We just want to know we’re going to be okay.  I get it! I’m right there with you…I’ve been riding this roller coaster with you. In fact, I feel like I’ve been sitting in the very front car careening down into what feels like the depths of the abyss and then suddenly  I’m heading right back up into the bright blue sky. Whew!  We’re all going through a lot right. It’s anything but life as usual…However, what I have found through this are some very beautiful and effective tools and I’m using them daily…as if my life depends on it….because it does. We all need life support…we all need power tools.

If you know me at all, you know I like to work with only what works. My stuff has to be understandable, easy, efficient and effective.  I also really like to have things be interesting and fun, whenever possible. I also promise that this won’t be complicated or take a lot of time… because we don’t have a lot of time.

We have already spent far too much time slogging around in detail, data and the negative doo-doo of our minds. Let’s STOP THAT…shall we?

So how does this POWER TOOL PORTAL thing work? We’re headed into unknown territory and we need to know that HELP IS ON THE WAY….on an ongoing basis.

You’ll get new Power Tools every week.

You will receive access to weekly live  calls to support you manage your stress, increase your self-care, expand your your awareness, keep your body fit and your mind calm and, most importantly, allow your heart to take the lead role now. It’s time…

Expect this to be inspirational, educational, and transformation(ALL).

Weekly calls will be held via Zoom and 40-minutes in length. Each week you will also receive a short 15-minute recording to install powerful, potent, positive messages into your being. This audio is for you to listen to once a day to instill new understandings and beliefs that will serve your Body-Mind-Spirit.

Your Power Tools access portal will also include downloadable videos, audios, articles, music, poetry, techniques and tips designed to give you and most potent, practical and perfect support for what life is going to hand you next. These items will be added on an ongoing basis to provide you easy access to an amazing amount of support.

So, on an ongoing basis for $28 per month you get the very best of what I have come to rely upon as the very best Power Tools I know. You get weekly personal connection, opportunity to learn, grow and prepare for YOUR OWN BRIGHT FUTURE AS YOUR OWN VERY BEST SELF.

I’m doing this for myself as much as for you. We ALL need this power boost. This Power Tools Portal will be open and available for you at this very special price through the end of 2020.

Take me up on this…You won’t be disappointed…You’ll be elated!