Life Alchemy Program – Nia Discount

Life Alchemy
 Love Yourself, Love Your Life, Love Your Body, Love Your Appearance, Love Your Age, Love Your Children, Love Your Men, Love Your Friends, Love Your Work, Love Your Community, Love Your Planet…
2018 is the YEAR OF RELATIONSHIP…The time is NOW! Step in…to a powerful system of support, strength and sovereignty…Women are really stepping up, risking it all, ready for change…
The Life Alchemy program starts on January 31st, during the Lunar Eclipse portal of the upcoming BLOOD MOON,  the  SECOND FULL MOON OF THIS  NEW YEAR… with a POWERFUL, PERSONAL  BLESSING AND ACTIVATION CALL using the energy of  “THE POWER OF 8″ to start us off with the wind at our backs…
In this program, we will create a personal and powerful Master Map for your life in these 8 major areas:

1. Relationships with Self, Family, Friends, Community

2. Career, Work, Contribution and Service

3. Lifestyle and Life Environment

4. Money and Financial Matters

5. Body, Health, Wellness, Wholeness

6. Love, Romance, Partnership, Significant Other

7. Personal Growth and Spiritual Expansion

8. Recreation, Pleasure, Fun and Joy

We will cover those things that are most near and dear to YOUR HEART…

The LIFE ALCHEMY program includes:

1. Two private personal coaching sessions  on any topic (50 minutes each) with Malinda every month by phone or Skype

2. Weekly Group Mastermind Power Focus Call (this will be a 90-minute live call, recorded and downloadable)

3. Program Intention Workbook – Outline of upcoming Weekly Topic and Focus sent via email each week

4. Life Alchemy Flower Essence – made especially for this program with rare and potent Andean Orchid essences

5. Ongoing Weekly Support Tools for the Full Year – audio, video, and written materials

6. Monthly Group Call with Expert Guest Collaborators who will bring highly specialized coaching assistance

7. Personal Blessing Mantra designed just for You

8. Life Alchemy Facebook Private Group (optional)

There is nothing we won’t touch on…THERE ARE NO BOXES ANY MORE!…This program will cover anything and everything that is important to us. We’ll talk about personal sovereignty, spirituality, creativity, passion, sexuality, subconscious beliefs, Higher Guidance, intuition, business, entrepreneurship,  relationship dynamics, “Pro-Youthing” (as opposed to anti-aging), energetic changes on our planet, power vs. force, masculine/feminine energy shifts, total life balance, lightwork for our planet, cosmic energy and much more. BRING IT ON!

**Very Important…What will change for you as a result of this program?

  • This program will ground you into your personal power and sovereignty…you’ll feel like you actually OWN your life!
  • You will experience a palpable dissolving of anxiety and fear.
  • Key relationships will begin quickly to strengthen and improve…or perhaps may change or end. This is for your highest and best good…and for theirs, too.
  • Overall health will improve and your appearance will change for the better. You will become more radiant and vibrant.
  • Creativity and self-expression will expand.
  • Your life will become markedly more fascinating and enjoyable. You will know JOY!
  • Magical new opportunities for enrichment will be presented to you in unexpected ways.
  • Your life will become deeply purposeful, meaningful and beautiful…
  • Life mastery will be accessible, attainable and constant without monumental effort on your part.
  • You will become the most interesting person you know!

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I will be the Witness…

We are being transformed…made new…ME,  YOU, and EVERY LIVING THING on our Planet… and RIGHT NOW, WE ALL NEED STRONG SUPPORT and HIGH LEVEL INFORMATION for our peace, happiness, joy and flow…

I’ll keep it simple, powerful, uncomplicated and effective. There is MUCH TO SHARE WITH YOU… This will be fun!!!

Again, the Life Alchemy program starts on January 31st.

Here are the registration options:   (NIA STUDENTS ENJOY A $500 DISCOUNT – discounted pricing is shown below)

    1) Monthly payment is $208

     2) Full payment in advance is $2,497

Pay in full and sign up by midnight on Wednesday, January 24th and you will also receive an audio library of 12 of my “ENERGY OF” AUDIOS (mp3 downloadable recordings) valued at $120. Topics include The Four Elements, Sacred Sounds, Sacred Symbols, Sacred Sites, Indigenous Wisdom, Gems and Crystals, Intuition, The Subconscious and more…
This means a savings to you of over $680.00!
Warmest Regards and Bright Blessings,
Malinda Zarate