🌻Venus and Mercury move into Leo: Have some good earthy🌎 fun, it is medicine for your😓 laboring Spirit.

Whew! This helps…Enjoy!

This week in Astrology

July 11-17, 2016– Venus and Mercury hop into Leo.  A breath of fresh air is welcome.  Make joy a priority.  We need that influx of inspirational fun to keep us going through the the Saturn Neptune Square we are all labouring under. September 10 is the last exact square, from there the influence of this confusing pair will dissipate and we will be forever changed. So for now we are forever changing. Step by step in known and unknown ways.

Last week we had some intense energies at work with deep digging pluto in a push pull with Mercury, ruler of our communications and the security seeking Cancer Sun.  Stuff likely came up. Stuff you may have rather you didn’t have to face.  Pluto is all about clearing the land and digging stuff up from the roots so it won’t keep sprouting troublesome leaves and situations.
You likely saw a weakness in your own beliefs about things. You finally saw an aspect of  yourself for real.  Maybe you realized that you don’t have what it takes to achieve what you thought was your dreams.  We need to face reality so we can see where we need to rebuild or start building anew.
Not always fun stuff but ultimately helpful and healing. Consider it nothing more than a reality dream update.  Updates serve an important purpose and you should usually just click yes.
Mercury and Venus move to warm and encouraging Leo this week.  Self expression is a must for the rest of July.  Just do it.  Say it. Be it. Live You.  You deserve whatever you can conjure up for yourself. You should be getting pretty clear on what will fulfill you.
What makes you happy?  Where is your joy? Where is your inspiration? A healthy Leo is natural at sharing their talents and skills with the world. They know how to help others do the same. Seek Joy. Find Play.
It’s likely that we are all feeling the friction of Stern Saturn Squaring Mystical Neptune so using the Leo energy to drop down into some good earthly fun is medicine for your Soul.
We are all getting a chance to realize our dreams now.  And part of that process might actually be a letting go of other dreams, to streamline your focus. So though dreams are rising into reality under this influence there can also be a grieving of unrealized wishes too.

You may have been wearing your sad pants a lot over the last year. Your should have, could have pants.  And it’s likely true: oh the regrets, how they bubble up. The lesson is there to help us not repeat the same mistake twice. Bless it. Bless you. And then cry your sad little pants off.  Eventually you will get over it.  Not much longer now I promise.

Saturday there is an edgy square between the sun in emotional Cancer and Uranus in pioneering Aries.  How can you start something new that takes courage and strength?  How can this new adventure actually create a deep feeling of security?
There is very different energies looking to be expressed here:Uranus wants to bust out of something restrictive and Cancer wants to make some soup and keep things safely the same.
Be willing to engage these new ideas to keep your energy flowing. Ground yourself, keep coming back to your body. Check in with your body to see what it needs and how it feels.  Maintain your vehicle so your spirit has a reliable ride.

May we all be content in all circumstances. Many blessings In many ways.