15 Essential Truths for a Beautiful Life

15 Essential Truths For A Beautiful Life
FEBRUARY 11, 2014 5:00 AM EST

I’ve created a list to help me align with my inner source of inspiration and truth. Whenever I feel out of alignment I return to this list to check in with myself. Perhaps the list can help you too. Here are 15 essential truths for a beautiful life.

1. Your body knows how to heal itself; your only job is to get out of its way.

2. Venting isn’t bad; consider it a detox for your soul, but give it an expiration date and release it.

3. Always pay attention to your momentum. What are you rushing toward or away from, and why?

4. Learn to appreciate being alone, and you’ll see you are rarely lonely.

5. Know that things don’t happen to you; they happen for you.

6. You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes taking a big breath, letting go and seeing what happens is more than enough.

7. Clutter is a byproduct of indecision. Make sure everything in your life is there for a reason.

8. There’s a difference between letting go and giving up. Know when you’ve had enough and be OK with walking away; your future self will thank you.

9. Wanting things to stay the same when you’re unhappy is the same as settling, so don’t let your fear of the unknown drive your life. Change is transformation.

10. When you stop chasing what your mind wants you will finally get what you really need.

11. Progress will often look like a lot of failures. Remember you have to learn what doesn’t work in order to get to what does.

12. You can train your brain to see the good in everything; even that setback is a miracle in disguise.

13. Pay attention to the quality of your thoughts, they’re reflected back to you in your experiences.

14. We do things for one of two reasons: inspiration or desperation. Choose wisely.

15. Fear is the byproduct of insecurity and lack of love. To fix any situation, LOVE.

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