8-8 Lion’s Gate Rapid Transformation Class

***This Rapid Transformation Special Class
This class is an activation and will speak directly and powerfully to your Subconscious Mind in order to ELIMINATE FEAR OF THE FUTURE.
This is a good time to look within and decide what really matters–to examine your priorities and decide where you want to place your emotional and mental energy. Fear will not help you deal with or decide anything: more likely, it will interfere with clear assessment, planning and follow-through.
Give yourself permission to do the things that matter to you most, to be with people you care about, and to take time each day to feel strong and calm, to consciously relax, to have the peace of mind, the strength and the courage to CREATE THE FUTURE your heart desires.
This class will help to install a new program of thinking, feeling and being into your mind…A video of the class is provided, along with a separate audio recording that is specifically designed for you to listen to as often as you choose. This repeats the powerful new messages so your subconscious will install them as new habits of thought.

Price for the Class is $11