Ancient Maps and Symbols for a New Earth

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We are all acquainted with various types of maps of the earth, topographical maps, road maps, weather maps, maps designating borders, political maps, and so on. However what if Gaia, Pachamama, the earth herself is a giant map, a deeply symbolic map of historical events and future events, an extension of our collective psyche, a map to navigate our collective evolution as beings of Spirit. Here we are going to explore the possibilities of knowing the earth, as never before, as an extension of ourselves, a mirror of ourselves.

First let us examine the state of scientific understanding about our planet. Now there is no doubt that we have come a very long way in a very short time in terms of understanding many material facts about our planet, the ocean currents, geological makeup, strata of rock, movement of continents, chemical makeup, orientation in space, its evolution from earliest beginnings, and the like. This is all very interesting and useful for development of new technologies and or new uses of resources. Yet in the end it is a big so-what. All these facts do not get us any closer to understanding who we are and what we are doing here. Comparatively it is like understanding all the facts and figures about a horse or a camel, their heights, weights, bone structure, biological chemistry, DNA, mechanical engineering, but all this does not tell us anything about the actual experience of riding a camel or of interacting with a horse. These experiences are ineffable and can never be understood in any other way than for each person to meet a horse or a camel and perhaps ride them. So in a way we now know a lot about our planet and in another way we know very little. We do have our experience living on the planet and that is useful but these experiences are heavily tainted and distorted by our religious, cultural, and societal perspectives that render us blind to what this planet actually is.

The mafia that controls the scientific community makes breaking through to a new understanding of earth extremely difficult. Anyone trying to break free of the mold is belittled, laughed to scorn, and threatened with expulsion from the mainstream scientific community that controls the money streams for new research and study. What is so amazing is that the methods that mainstream science use to silence pioneers are so irrational, so illogical that they are laughable in themselves. Yet they have amassed enough localized power, similar to the Spanish inquisition, that they have been successful in controlling the world’s belief systems. Fortunately the renaissance broke the back of the Catholic Church’s lock on the belief that the world was flat and everything revolved around the earth. In retrospect that was absolutely an insane way of looking at our planet but everyone believed it at the time.

Now we are at a brand new threshold. We currently think we completely understand what the earth is all about and its place in the solar system and the galaxy. However we are still being bullied to halt our understanding of it. Fortunately there are new generation physicists and brave knowledge seekers that stand outside the status quo and are reformulating our understanding of the universe yet these new ideas are so revolutionary and edgy that the mainstream scientists do not know even how to comment on all of it. They are perhaps frightened of the new renaissance that awaits us in the coming years.

OK, enough about that. Let us now begin to look at an alternative way to understand our planet. If we go back to some of the master teachers of the past we can find references to a different way of seeing the world. These might include the shamans of old, the Hindu Vedas and Upanishads, the teachings of the Buddha, the ancient Taoist understanding of the universe and so on. They seem to suggest that our experience of the world all comes from constructs of the mind. Rather than there being an objective reality, perhaps the earth and the rest of the physical universe are all aspects of a vast dreamscape that is very much like our modern idea of a virtual reality game. Perhaps the universe is made up of a composite of trillions of dreams all interweaving to form an interesting and beautiful creative tapestry. What if the earth itself were a projection of our collective mind? If that were the case then C.G. Jung’s insight that symbols are the language of dreams extends to our planet as well. What if the earth is actually a vast set of symbols that represent the deepest and most creative aspects of our psyches or our creative source. If this were the case then every dimension of this amazing earth is deeply symbolic and actually showing us aspects of ourselves.

Furthermore what if human beings were endowed with the ability to determine what symbols mean to them? For example, what if one person decided that seeing a black cat symbolized a warning, a danger sign, and proper precautions had to be taken? What if another person liked black cats and determined that seeing a black cat was a token of good luck? If each person believed in their symbol system then each would experience the consequences of what they believed. The person fearing seeing a black cat would be warned of a coming problem and the person who thought cats were good luck would experience some good fortune as a result. In other words we humans give symbols their meaning. We choose what the symbols mean to us. Vast numbers of people agree on certain symbols like a skull and cross bones and in other cases few people agree on symbols. There is no common agreement as to what it means to see a flash of green light or what it means to see a red dump truck. There may be private meanings about these objects but no grand universal agreement exists cross culturally.

Let us look at this in more depth. The ancients understood that animals were not just flesh and bone with certain behavioral patterns but powerful creatures that symbolized various aspects of our nature. The wolf totem was different from the Hawk totem and yet different still from the iguana totem. Notice that these ancient understandings take nothing away from the scientific knowledge of genus and classifications of species of more recent times. Rather the shamans understanding of what these animals represented simply offered an additional dimension. It is not as if one view were right and the other wrong. The shamans understood that if you run across a coyote you are not just having a sighting of Canis latrans but rather you are deeply impacted by it’s presence and that perhaps it is warning you or teaching you to see something in your life differently. Why? Because shamans understood that the coyote is totemic, a symbol, a projection of our own deepest nature and so of course it shows up in our path at a certain time even if it is in the most unlikely of places like a street in New York City. Many scientists see the totemic view as quaintly amusing and deeply ignorant. Hmmmm! Who is it then that cannot take advantage of the sighting to further themselves, to navigate life a little better? Who is at risk of missing the real message?

In the very same way the rivers of the world, the mountain ranges of the world, the terrain itself is deeply symbolic and carries vast amounts of information in symbolic form. Science can tell you how high Mount Everest is but it can tell you nothing about what it means to people of various cultures on a symbolic level. In Sanskrit it is Sagarmatha, goddess mother of the world, the great guardian of the lands all around, a deeply honored and respected entity. In the Tibetan language it is Chomolungma, goddess mother of the ocean, the one who brings the rain and fertility, also an entity to be thanked with many offerings. For some it is merely a place of business to make money from climbers. To others it is the symbol of their life’s ambition, to get to the top, and for still others it is a symbol of great danger and fearsomeness, the bringer of death. It is all these things, the symbol of things that science can never measure.

What if the mountain ranges of the world were in fact the skeletal structure of the planet and what if their minerals were repositories, like giant lithium batteries, of massive amounts of chi collected from the sun, moon, and stars over millennia, which in turn collected it from the central sun of this galaxy? What if these massive stores await a simple request to release them into the world at large for use by all the elementals, plants, animals, and human beings? What if the planet were just awaiting the evolution of consciousness that would be able to tap into its real resources and not just its primitive surface ones such as coal and oil?

What if there were certain timelines etched into the planet itself that would indicate when the evolutionary points of initiation were reached? What if these timeline were actually the rivers of the world that would reveal vast stores of knowledge when the time was right? What if that time were now? What if ancient people somehow perceived this and made many references to the Nile, the Tigris-Euphrates, the Ganges, the Yangzi, the Mississippi, the Colorado and so on. What if these timelines were related to the latitude and longitude lines of the planet and the exact locations where the rivers crossed them? What if great temples had been erected and calendars constructed that would mark exactly when great changes would take place and reveal the potential choices of each threshold. What if the stars were light codes that contained information about the symbols contained in the physical body of the earth and these would be interwoven with the calendar systems and the mathematics of temples to be read like books when humans learned to decode them? Hmmmm. Most interesting. What if the cosmos was not at all as concrete as we thought? What if it was actually a highly symbolic big dream that could be discerned from just a slight change of perspective similar to the old crone and the young maiden in the psychological drawing created to test people’s perception. What if everything we sensed, felt, and saw were a result of our mere observation? What if this was a testament to the physics understanding of the observer effect that it is a wave until we observe it, and then it is a particle, or nothing until it is something because we chose to see it and make it real in a certain form at a certain time?

Ok, whew! That was a whole bunch of questions, the answers to which will be forthcoming because now the questions have been asked. They will download into whomever is ready to bring them to the rest of humanity, just as they have been downloaded in ancient times and then forgotten with changes in cosmic cycles and time frames. Maybe we are becoming mature enough to have this information again to help us expand our understanding of whom we are. Perhaps it is time.

So how could it hurt us to shift our understanding of reality, of who and what we are, of what this earth actually is? The truth is it could not hurt us at all, only our beliefs. However human beings are often concerned with a loss of freedom, even though paradoxically they are so ready to give it away. Could these shifts in perception result in a loss of freedom? Certainly they would change the way we view our planet and would result in perhaps new and different economic systems and the like. That would mean that our way of doing business would change and ………..Uh oh! It means a change in the status quo and with that shift some folks would lose their edge, their means of making vast fortunes. There it is, resistance to change in order to prevent loss of fortune, control, dominance, and exploitation. According to the Mayan Calendar system there is a revolutionary time coming, approximately beginning around 2032, not too very far off. Until then there will be great polarization in terms of what different people want. That polarization will fuel a grand conflict in ideologies that will create a paradigm shift. By 2052 there will be renaissance, a new time on the planet. By 2072 that renaissance will have worked its magic and a new world will be in place unfolding everywhere. Those children born at that time will no longer experience war, extremes of having or not having resources, corporate exploitation of the masses and so on.

An important date will be 2038, a time when the revolution in ideas will pick up such speed that the old world order will be unable to be sustained any longer and people’s minds will open to totally new realities. It will be a sea change, a point of no turning back. Indeed it will be a time of powerful spiritual breakthrough, where the perception will shift to older soul’s values and the long stretch of childhood will be at an end. However it will take until 2052 to complete this process. How do I know this? Simple, it is etched into the maps of the planet itself. These things have been known for ages and predicted by ones who knew how to read the signs and the maps that have been laid out all over the earth. You can look and look and look at a pile of data and never see the grand design because you not only don’t know what to look for, you can’t recognize when you are staring right at it. Then suddenly there is a tiny dot that completes the picture and you see it for the first time. This is what is coming for the people on earth. Celebrations will be in order. Before that, blindness persists for a little while longer and the suffering that comes with it. There may yet be harsh growing pains, wars, conflicts, totalitarian regimes, attempts to turn back the clock through the scourge of weapons. In the end it will be to no avail. All out nuclear war is not going to happen. Even limited nuclear exchange will not be able to turn the clock back. There may yet be those who seek to exact revenge for perceived injustices of the past and present. These too will run their course and run out of steam with no positive consequences for the perpetrators. The old way will simply not work any more. Have you ever tried to plug in a fifteen year old computer or one of the first smart phones and make it work in today’s world? They are seriously out of date and not able to handle the data of new programs and media savvy software.

The operating system for human consciousness is changing rapidly. The new one is being downloaded via the sun, moon, stars, comets, meteors, eclipses, solstices, equinoxes, and the support of the rest of the solar system. As you read this it is being downloaded into the mineral resources of the earth that will then spread it and make it available all around the planet within six months time. Just as in the computer world, the result of a new operating system will be a vast, shall we say incomprehensibly large capacity upgrade, enabling human beings to suddenly see the solutions to the gritty, stubborn problems that have paralyzed their thinking for endless generations. This upgrade is not random and not accidental. It has been planned for eons (by our higher selves) and is indicated in the symbolic maps spoken of earlier, maps that could be read by the wise indigenous elders (Mayas, Hopis, Toltecs etc.) who have provided us clues to these events that are upon us. To give us some breathing room, within three hundred years all this will have come to pass and despite initial clumsiness and kinks to be worked out, all will be in place for a completely transformed world. All you have to do is look at the breakneck speed of change as it is occurring right now. As an example would anyone ever have predicted Pope Francis powerful about face stance on so many subjects?

There are those who have doubts about whether we will be able to accomplish all this without total self-destruction. I am not one of those. For me it is a done deal. Yes, there can be some setbacks. That is human nature and the role of the false personality to try to stop the inevitable. In the end it will be as Gandhi said. To paraphrase him there may be tyrants and dictators but in the end they will always fail. Always. The alternative to this point of view is resignation and martyrdom, unacceptable conclusions as far as I am concerned. Unacceptable!

Hopefully this brief article will spark your curiosity to begin your own investigations into the Earth’s maps that surround us. Perhaps you are content to allow these changes to take place according to their own time tables and that is fine. Most importantly your attitude and your beliefs are all important at this time of dramatic change. Each person who has confidence that all will transpire in a good way will exert a powerful helping push to assure that this is the outcome. You are also free to choose cynicism, doubt, skepticism, and resignation as your outlook and this will simply slow the process down but it will not ultimately cause a different outcome because some things have already been decided. Whatever you decide you can still choose to enjoy the changes coming because change is not debatable.

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José Stevens PhD is an international lecturer, corporate team builder and organizational coach, consultant and trainer. A psychologist, licensed clinical social worker and author of more than twenty books and numerous articles, he is also co-editor for A Journal of Contemporary Shamanism and a board member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners. He is the founder, with his wife Lena, of the Power Path School of Shamanism and The Center for Shamanic Education and Exchange, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating youth in indigenous cultures. He has completed a ten-year apprenticeship with a Huichol Maracame in Mexico and has studied with the Shipibos of the Amazon and the Paqos of the Andes for the last thirty years.


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