Building Kindness – A Loving Post from a Mother of a Little Boy with Autism

This was sent to Dr. Ynge Ljung, creator of The Allergy Kit, which is an amazingly effective, natural, do-at-home allergy elimination approach.
An amazing post from such a caring mom..It made me cry. I’m so glad to be helping to share this information with the world…


Helping My Son

It never ceases to amaze me how the body is designed to heal itself.  No matter what toxins we put into our body, it always wants to cleanse and restore if we give it the chance.  Nature is like that…if we respect it, listen to it, and learn from it, our lives will be so much greater.

In my last post I painted a pretty vivid picture of the anger that was taking hold of my now eight-year-old son’s body, which was truly disturbing.  Living it day in and day out was horrifying, heart wrenching, and bewildering.  While we still have some lagging (milder) aggressive episodes, a new and simple healing method we have been using the last month has been having an incredible impact. (YAY!)  I have been tempted to write this post months down the road when I could officially say Will has been clear of any behavior problems with several months of evidence to back it up (and yes, I will be writing that post soon), but for now my purpose is to share the next incredible leg of our journey, the quick turn around we’ve had, and hopefully help other parents and kids out there who are just as stymied as we had been all this time.


Will is at a Nature Program dissecting owl pellets with other kids.  This type of setting would have been anxiety-provoking and most likely would have ended in a meltdown: him hitting another child and me carrying him out of the building screaming.  Instead, he was engaged, behaved appropriately and really able to absorb information about owls during the program.

If you ask any teacher about the children they have in their class today compared to when they first started teaching you will likely get a unanimous reply stating observations of more behavior problems, inability to focus, sensory issues, and social anxiety to name a few compared to when they started teaching.  Granted every class is different and there are always amazing things about each child and each class that make them unique and wonderful.  However, in general, there are more kids with special needs than ever before, those who may or may not be labeled, but so many behaviors that seem a little off.  You don’t have to be a teacher to witness this change; just head to the grocery store and you will undoubtedly see a child melting down (that’s been Will so many times) with a parent feeling overwhelmed practically in tears (that’s been me so many times!) not knowing what to do (even though they have tried so much and are good parents!)  Why is this?  I urge us to think critically about this relatively sudden change and not only pinpoint the problems, but demand and seek solutions that really make sense and ultimately make a positive change.

While our journey is only one story, I like to think of it as a microcosm for what could be happening to others, hoping that what I’ve searched and searched for could indeed help many struggling children and families easily and quickly.  And certainly we have taken a multipronged approach which I will later explain, something we are doing right now is making an enormous impact that has made me think a huge difference could be made across the country if parents only knew.

I’ve learned how incredibly complex the body is.  When one thing seems to be running just right with Will, the slightest change (or in most cases unknown variable) would reset him and bring us back to square one with behavior problems, anxiety, tummy troubles, and more.  Something just wasn’t sticking, no matter what healing modality we tried, and there were many great ones!  Look back at my previous posts throughout the years and you’ll see our successes wax and wane.

Allergies – Hidden from the Naked Eye

Through our treatments with Louise (homeopathic doctor I have been raving about in my last few posts), something kept coming up on Will’s Asyra tests.  Whenever Louise ran a specific autism test (even though she does not believe he truly has autism), a product called “NAET Autism Kit” consistently appeared.  The way Asyra works is it pinpoints weakened parts of the body, basically giving a written report of these very specific issues, and offers remedies that will help the body return to balance.  I looked through his older tests to confirm my recollection, and sure enough it was reiterated over and over again that he needed this NAET Autism Kit.  Each time when the autism kit came up as a remedy it seemed to be the preferred treatment for some toxin in Will’s brain, including heavy metals and harmful vaccine ingredients.

I began putting 2 + 2 together and realizing that maybe we was allergic to these toxins in his brain, preventing him from being able to detox properly.  Unfortunately (or fortunately how I see it), Louise did not have the product so I went online in search of how to get my hands on this kit.

Upon further investigation I inferred this wasn’t just a simple kit with homeopathic drops he could take every night, but was an involved healing process of rebalancing the body from allergies (to my general, I’ll admit fairly uneducated understanding of NAET) with many visits to an NAET practitioner, none of whom were within even a four hour drive from our house.  While the impacts of this healing process seem to be extremely positive from online reviews linked to autism, we would have to take weekly visits to a practitioner all to clear one single allergy before starting on the next, in hopes that it would have a positive effect, not to mention the price tag of weekly appointments (I’m sure not covered by our sub-par health insurance who doesn’t view any alternative methods valuable).



Will ready for “Author’s Tea” at school.  In previous years Will couldn’t sit still while his classmate “authors” read their books. He would rock all over the place, wouldn’t go up in front of the audience without me to read his book, and make repetitive raspberry sounds the whole time disrupting the entire room.  This year was different since we found The Allergy Kit.  He sat and listened to his classmates, read his story without any trouble, and showed no signs that I could see of anxiety.  What a turn around!


Remember our trip to Florida when Steve Richards (Holographic Kinetics practitioner and founder from Australia) told us allergies were preventing Will from healing?  Remember Will’s latest Asyra tests also pointing to allergies?  Bingo! I thought! We had to find a way to make this NAET Autism Kit happen, especially if it was linked to allergies.  Everything seemed to be directed at allergies being a route to his issues some how and that kit was part of the answer.

The Allergy Kit

I wasn’t quite jumping for joy thinking of traveling over eight hours each week to eliminate one allergy at a time.  Luckily when I googled “NAET Autism Kit” something else also came up, called “The Allergy Kit” that struck a chord.  I began to look into this product and found that it was a simple method to heal the body from allergies using a laser and different vials.  Completely painless, quick and non-intrusive!  The kit tackled some major issues that kept on hindering Will over and over again including:

  • tummy troubles (allergies to several different foods including dairy, grains, and more, continuously made his stomach sick)
  • parasites
  • vitamin B (he continued to be deficient in these no matter how we supplemented)
  • sugars and candida (he definitely craves sugars, which seems to be a trigger for violence, and he had also had candida if you remember, yeast overgrowth that can also cause rage)
  • toxins like heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and more (remember how heavy metals continuously showed up on his Asyra scans?  He wasn’t detoxing them and this kit could possible help! Continuing my detective work I wondered, could this be why his body seemed to be healing, then would revert back, because he couldn’t actually eliminate the toxins once and for all?!)
  • vaccines (I know this is a hot topic with extremely opposing and passionate views, but I have Will’s Asyra reports that clearly show heavy metals, vaccine ingredients including thimerosol (Whoa! This ingredient wasn’t even supposed to be in vaccines when Will had them so how does he have it in his system?) present in his brain!…You can agree or disagree that vaccines are having a negative impact on our population of children, but my firm belief is that they are definitely play a role.  More on this later…

Again, something inside me knew this kit was important for Will’s recovery, so we decided to take yet another chance and purchase The Allergy Kit.  Until this point we had seen progress (remember getting rid of Lyme disease?), but not that blockbuster change we were so needing.


In short, here are some behaviors we had witnessed over and over again before The Allergy Kit:

  • Extreme rage, aggression and dangerous acts such as coming at me with scissors, knives, knocking holes in walls and doors (you get the picture…it was beyond awful!).
  • Extreme anxiety – any type of social situation would set him off in spurts of continuous raspberry sounds, peeing his pants, chewing on his shirt, panic attacks and more.
  • Brain fog and lack of concentration – Totally unable to concentrate at times, very distracted, seemed to be in his own world (for example, flapping his arms, spinning, talking to himself, counting things).
  • Obsessive and compulsive – Seemed to be in an endless loop about particular interests including horseshoe crabs, John Deere tractors, shoveling snow from the driveway (that may not seem so bad, but when you are continually late to places because he “just had to finish” it does become an issue), and other similar cycles of obsessions.
  • Tummy troubles – Sometimes he could barely eat anything for days because his stomach hurt so much.  Certain foods really bothered him, and the foods that bothered him seemed to always be changing.
  • Connection problems (Neurotransmitters) – What I mean by this is that it always seemed like messages weren’t getting to his brain properly.  For example if I brushed into him with wet hands he would start screaming in pain.  Noises, light, peoples voices, or even being around certain people would set him off into fits.  Even embarrassing things like not getting the connection when it was time to go to the bathroom has been a huge issue and embarrassing for him too!
  • Extreme rigid behaviors – If random things happened out of routine (the CD skipped, a spoon was dropped, I picked him up a minute late) anger would immediately result.  Will could not handle anything slightly different than perfection and catering to his every need.
  • Babies and small children set him off big time into fits of anger.  One time we were at the Boston Children’s Museum (big mistake for thinking he could handle this sensory overload place) and he just rammed into a baby who was learning how to walk.  He just went over and pushed her down for no reason at all.  Talk about feeling awful in every way!
  • Inability to share/Possessive of things, including people (me).  Yes, we all know that children have a hard time sharing at one point or another, but Will could NEVER share things, including his own mother.  For example, it is in my nature to be kind to others, going out of my way to do the right thing.  When Will witnessed me doing simple acts of kindness like holding the door or even talking to a friend he would flip out in violence!  He hated when I spent any time doing anything else other than spending time with him, and that includes even putting dishes away!  Getting things done has been impossible!
  • Social situations like birthday parties, museums, play dates, trips to the grocery store almost always ended in me carrying him out the door screaming.

While I could make a list bigger than his list to Santa Claus, these have been our main struggles.  I give you this list because I am certain that many, many other parents see some of these characteristics (maybe not so extreme of course!) in their own children and I urge you to look into what has made a difference for us because it could also help your family!

I am of course writing this from a non-medical professional and “just” the point of view of a mother, but from my experience, sometimes mothers really do know best!  No conventional medical professional has been able to help us at all.  Remember back when the neurologist going over his EEG test told me that these were all simply behavior problems?  Even his pediatrician (who I do respect) initially told me that I needed to be “harder on him” and punish him more?  Boy were they mistaken!

Do pardon me if we decided to get to the truth of the matter and not just slap some medication in Will to bandage symptoms!  And do forgive me if we didn’t just let Will “grow out of it”, because if we did we would be right where we were all along.  He wouldn’t have ever grown out of something so severe.


Excited to enter school for Author’s Tea!

Starting Treatment

Our kit arrived and we started treatment immediately.  While the process is not completely described on the website, the actual treatment is very simple, quick (only 10-15 minutes), non-invasive, and honestly very affordable compared to the tens of thousands of dollars we had already spent on various treatments.  You simply use a laser (provided in the kit) and vials, lasering certain focal points on his body.  You can also treat other family members and the vials keep virtually forever.  In addition, if for some reason it doesn’t work you can return it for a small restocking fee!  Amazing!

During Will’s first two treatments we actually began observing a negative effect including increasing behavior problems.  Instead of freaking out and giving up (patience has proven time and time again to be essential in our journey), I contacted the doctor who created the kit, Dr. Yung, and she suggested I use a surrogate method of treatment.  As soon as we made that change we noticed huge improvements.  Behavior was becoming much less of an issue and any remaining aggression was usually shorter and absolutely less frequent.

That is a general statement, but here are some specific observations we are making:

  • MUCH fewer aggressive outbursts, shorter, and less intense
  • Anxiety is decreasing – Social situations like museums, school drop offs, grocery shopping are becoming so much easier!
  • Will is clearly becoming a happier and more confident child!
  • Instead of needing my attention every second of the day, we are noticing much more independence and less frustration when things don’t work out perfectly.
  • Clearer thinking.
  • More flexible.
  • Beginning to take risks (the good ones I’m talking about!)
  • Asyra scans indicate a remarkable turn around!  So not only are we witnessing changes in Will the data backs it up!  It’s REAL!

While those are blanket statements I want to zero in on a few landmark changes.  This week happens to be school spring break.  Traditionally this week or any week off from school would be filled with exhausting, grueling days where I would have to play “camping” (one of his obsessions) or plan activities to keep him occupied.  The house would get messier and messier by the second and if I tried to clean he would go crazy.  Very routine, rigid and not exactly what the typical 8 year old might think would be fun.

This week however, Will started his vacation by going to a nature program about owls.  In a room full of other kids, typically Will would want me by his side every second.  On Saturday, however, he was happily engaged and participating without me next to him, in face I was in the distance (as far as the room would allow).  Where other parents were hovering, I was the one that wasn’t this time!  Yes!!

Remember how I said museums and social settings were almost always cause for meltdowns?  Probably the biggest obvious indication of growth is where Will is right now!  He is at a STEM camp at the local children’s museum for most of the week with kids and teachers he has never met!  If you haven’t spent quality time with him it may be hard to understand the earthshattering accomplishment this is.  I truly don’t believe he would have remotely considered going before we started this Allergy Kit.  My husband and I are floored, proud and eager to see this new Will continue to emerge!


Will, after I picked him up from Science Camp with his glow-in-the-dark slime.  The expression on his face captures the relief he must feel for now being able to do things that used to be SO SO HARD!  I know he’s wanted to do them all along…he has never wanted to be angry or anxious or hurtful.  He has always wanted to be free like this, and that is exactly what kept John and I motivated to find answers.

What is The Allergy Kit?

I am not affiliated with this company in any way besides being in love with the fact that it is completely changing my son’s and family’s life, but really wanted to include some information of what this kit treats because I think it may be helpful to others, as helping others is really my next goal after getting Will completely better.  You can find the very same information on The Allergy Kit’s website (this it taken right from their site).  I have also taken the liberty to highlight some key plusses that in my eyes is really essential:

  • Vial 1: treats chicken, egg, milk, cheese and other dairy products, calcium, vitamin C and parasites in the first treatment and also balances the Brain/Body. After finishing vial 1, many persistent problems vanish like magic. Digestion improves, phlegm and stuffy noses lessen and behavioral problems disappear.
  • Vial 2: treats sugar and B vitamins. Almost everyone is allergic to sugar in one form or another. And since sugar is in almost all processed foods, you’ll feel better after treating yourself with vial 2. We’ve found a connection between B vitamins and sugars that causes addiction problems. Many people treated with vial 2 lose the desire for sugars and lose weight. Since sugar is in almost everything, it is a good idea to re-treat vial 2 regularly, maybe monthly or when you start to get sugar cravings again!
  • Vial 3: treats heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, toxins and petroleum products. The body, when allergic to toxins cannot fully identify them and rather than expel them from the body, buries them deep inside the fat cells. After being treated for vial 3, you may be able to detox easier and keep the weight off that you lose.
  • Vial 4: treats vaccines and childhood vaccinations. When you’re allergic to either the vaccine itself or any of the ingredients that are in the vaccine, it affects your brain and behavior. Many children have a very positive improvement in concentration, better behaviors common with ADD and ADHD improve.
  • Vial 5: treats sugars again, but this time with candida. Sugar is so important that we have to treat it twice. Candida is a fungus found in the human digestive tract, mouth, and genital region. Under normal circumstances, levels of Candida are controlled by beneficial bacteria. However, if the bacteria-fungus balance is upset, caused primarily by the use of antibiotics or if the immune system is compromised, an overgrowth of Candida will occur, resulting in infection, foggy thinking and exhaustion.
  • Vial 6: treats wheat, gluten, grains including pasta. Since most of these are seeds, there is a survival mechanism built into many of the seeds that keep them from being digested by the birds and other animals ensuring that they will pass through the digestive tract whole and be able to grow and continue the life cycle. That’s why we have serious digestive problems with many grains and seeds. Wheat has been modified to be easier to grow, but harder to digest. Many problems associated with wheat include arthritis, digestive problems, leaky gut and concentration issues and also behavior problems like in autism and/or Alzheimer’s and the like.
  • Vial 7: is a combination of vials 1 through 6 and also includes organs and endocrines. Vial 7 finishes the process and treats food combination allergens. Since we eat foods together, it is important to treat them together in the same vial.
    After you’ve treated yourself with The Allergy Kit, your immune system will get stronger!Strong enough to move onto airborne allergens, bug bites, things applied to your skin and whatever else you might come in contact with.

Here’s a blog talk with Dr. Yung that I found very helpful as well.  Besides this kit you may be wondering if she has any remedies for severe allergies, like nuts, soy, etc.  Yes!  While Will’s allergies are severe in a different way, there are ways to treat these severe allergies.  Please contact Dr. Yung on her website to find out more.

Right Now

Besides the fact that he is at science camp today and I got a chance to put in some miles for my upcoming Ragnar race, I want to mention a few important things.  We have done this kit once in its entirety and saw amazing results, but after certain foods (organic cereal seemed to set him off) sometimes we see a shift back to some aggressive behavior.  It is mainly short lived.  When this happened, I again was in contact with Dr. Yung of The Allergy Kit and she suggested repeating a few of the vials she felt would be helpful.  We have repeated them several times now with continued improvement.

We have ben so excited about the results that we have ordered additional vials we feel will help Will including neurotransmitters (remember those missing signals to the brain?), OCD, jealousy, the emotion kit, EMFs, and more.  You will be amazed at what this method of treatment can actually tackle.

As there are always two sides to the story, there are still issues we are working through, including signals to the brain, concentration (better, but still not there), still obsessive and still has tummy troubles.  We will continue to do our detective work figuring out what exactly is the route cause to these issues but are excited that there are several specific vials that could help these specific issues.

I will continue to update down the road, but right now I feel great about the prospects of a happy future for this boy.

Holographic Kinetics and Ondamed – A Multipronged Approach

While there’s no doubt in my husband and my eyes that The Allergy Kit is what made the difference for Will, I also want to mention that we have used a few other tools in our arsenal to help.  The first is Ondamed, the machine we originally bought to extinguish Lyme and co-infections, has also provided Will’s body additional support throughout.  This treatment has certainly aided in Will’s healing, but I want to mention that I don’t feel it would have been essential (at this stage in the game with Lyme eliminated, as we tackle allergies) if we did not have means to have the machine.  It’s certainly an added bonus, but probably not necessary when dealing just with allergies.

In addition, I am convinced that Holographic Kinetics (HK) has been extremely helpful for Will and has made a significant positive impact.  Initially (as I wrote in my last post) we tried HK numerous times and whatever issues were being cleared would get better for about 4 days and then evaporate like the session was never done.  Will has actually asked me for a few HK sessions (and luckily since taking the course last year I am able to practice this amazing modality on him).  All I can say is, HK works.  Since he asked for a session on friendship, he made a friend the very next day at swim lessons and since that day (about four weeks ago) he has continued to easily make friends, whereas that was one of Will’s greatest challenges before.  He has also been cleared for feeling worried and his need for listening to books on cd to fall asleep because he was too afraid otherwise has vanished, not to mention the biggest change of wanting to attend this STEM camp!  Before his worries consumed him.  While The Allergy Kit has been amazing, HK has been equally amazing and impactful in my mind.  I believe the reason that HK sessions are now lasting as they are supposed to is that Will is becoming healed from all of his allergies.  When his body isn’t constantly fighting allergens and his immune system isn’t running ragged, the amazing lasting effect of HK is working!

What is Happening?

While I am writing this not from a medical background but only from the perspective of a well-read and researched mom with first hand experience that has pushed me to think critically, I wonder how we ever got here?  Back track eight years ago when I had Will, I completely and fully believed in the medical system.  I did what I was told, had my H1N1 vaccine while I was pregnant, had all of the recommended vaccines administered to Will along the way, and trusted the “science” behind our system.  I ate normal “heathy food” not realizing what a GMO was, completely unaware that they existed.  Organic wasn’t in my vocabulary.  I didn’t give it a second thought when we had a Smart Meter installed in our house or installed LED lights.

Then witnessing this baby grow and evolve into what I always thought was a trapped child, something just didn’t feel right.  A mother’s observations should be valued in our society.  I started to dig and dig.  I began to connect with other mom’s in person, read personal stories online, find actual data (not driven by Big Pharma or Big Farming) and gradually I began to think critically about this all; our whole set up.  Could these changes be due to:

  • Our wheat crop being doused with Roundup for harvesting purposes?  So if you aren’t eating organic bread, pasta and other forms of wheat, the next time you bight into spaghetti or your sandwich, you are likely also bighting into glyphosphate, an herbicide that could be a cause of many lifelong (and life ending conditions).  Don’t believe me? Read the article here.
  • The increased vaccine schedule? (Including the fact that pharmaceutical manufactures of vaccinations are protected from ALL liability of injury and death?  Why is this?)  Read this fascinating article and please do more research on your own.
  • EMFs, including cell phones, microwaves, Smart Meters, even LED lighting, etc. are everywhere.  Find out more.
  • GMOs?  Use your common sense for this (and all of the above)!  If a seed is genetically modified to be able withstand a bath of harmful toxins that kill every weed in its path, do you really think the one plant that can grow is safe to ingest?
  • Of course there is controversy to every bullet point I mentioned and plenty of “scientific evidence” to back up how all of these changes are “good”, but if you look closely at who pays for these studies you’ll find strong links to Big Pharma and Big Farming every time.  Use your common sense and trust yourself.

Where do we go from here?

It’s early for sure, but after a month of consistent improvements in Will’s behaviors, concentration and general well being, I really wanted to write this post to spread the word of this allergy treatment.  I invite you to please share this post with anyone and everyone who could possibly benefit from this treatment.  While Will is an extreme case and hopefully not many kids that you know have had this kind of endured suffering, there are other kids out there.  Maybe kids who have eczema and you don’t know why…maybe kids who constantly seem to be on sensory overload (clothing tags bother them, etc.)…maybe kids who just can’t focus and pay attention…maybe kids who can’t sleep at night…maybe kids who can’t eat certain things…maybe children who just seem off and you can’t place why.  Through Dr. Inge Yung’s research, she has found that types of behaviors can be signs of allergies.

If you looked at Will you would never know that allergies were causing such havoc in his body.  He was never noticeably congested (unless your his detective mom!), sneezing frequently or any obvious symptoms of allergies.  I’m mentioning this because with all the toxins children and pregnant women are exposed to, allergies can result and there can be no obvious signs at all!  All I can say is that I wish I would have known about this kit earlier.

While we will certainly continue to treat Will for different allergies until he is completely healthy, please remember that he is probably an extreme case and that one treatment or so could make a lasting impact.

Looking back at a chapter that is nearing its end, I want to leave with a few thoughts that really helped me along the way:

  • Trust yourself – While doctors and medical professionals are of course trying to help in the best way they know possible, conventional treatments are not always best.
  • Do your research – While there are cutesy cartoons and advertisements about why vaccines are the best possible thing ever, if you do your research and read, read, read, you will find that vaccines are not always the best possible thing; in fact they can be the worst possible thing for many children.  If you listen to the blog talk above, Dr. Yung discusses the dangers of vaccinations and why in our toxic world an increased vaccine schedule is a recipe for disaster.  Please educate yourself and think critically before just assuming your doctor knows.  Look at both sides to every story.  I also recommend watching the documentaries Bought and Vaxxed.
  • Positive thinking is powerful, action is even better – Throughout these years I have tried so hard to think positively. Knowing that like attracts like, I knew that thinking positively would create more positive (it’s quantum physics!).  While that may be true, I had to put a lot of effort, not just purely positive thinking, to really sort it out.  There were so many times where my frustration level was completely overwhelming.  You can choose to let setbacks big or small own you, preventing you from moving forward, or you can use them to guide you to a better path.
  • Someone recently told me “I bet you wish you didn’t do everything you did for Will”.  While it was a completely innocent and well-meaning intention (and clearly everything we did wasn’t the answer for Will), in actuality, everything that we did do, led to where we are today.  So you can always think with regret or think how certain doors lead to even more open pathways and possibilities.  In our case my neighbor leant me a book written by Dr. Bock which led us to visit him which led us to volunteering at our local Co-op which led us to eating healthier which led us to finding ONDAMED which led us to Louise which led us to Victor which led us to Steve which led us to knowing allergies was the problem which led us to The Allergy Kit.  We made that happen, not by luck, but by our inner spirits guiding us.
  • Gratitude is equally important.  With every little step forward, show gratitude in your life and more steps forward will come.  Feel truly grateful, humble and living a life of integrity is how I feel we are getting to the end of the chapter.  There are always shortcuts that are options, but unless these choices are made in utmost integrity, it may not be the best option.

The body is indeed an amazing vessel, able to heal from so much.  We always believed in Will, seeing hints of a boy that was begging to escape from his imprisonment. Thankfully we believed in him and persisted.  I am excited to write again in the future to close this chapter, but for now I leave you with deep gratitude and affection for being a listing ear to our story all this time (even if I have never met you and even if this is the first post you have read!). Please spread this message on so others can be helped.  It is so important.