Connect with Your Shamanic Roots

 Angel Michael Rojas

  “”Connect with Your Shamanic Roots”

Michael is a “modern day shaman”, with a unique perspective very loving and very effective . He will guide you so that you are able to deeply connect with your own Spirit, your inner guidance, ideas, visions and heart’s desires…through beautiful sacred Spiritual teachings,  studies and practices. 

 We each have a soul connection to Earth and Spirit. Shamanic practice can help us to bridge the two. Michael uses drumming, visualization and heart-based guidance that has life-changing qualities. You’ll love this!

 Here’s the Replay Link for my interview with Angel Michael Rojas:

 Title: Angel Michael Rojas on Emboldened Heart


 Michael’s gentle, yet powerful guidance  enables us to bring forth all that is part of the unseen, in a rich, creative and meaningful experience of life.


  I want the very best for you! I want to help you open the doors to achieve more love, more peace, more abundance, more light, more of whateverYOUR HEART DESIRES!

Warm Regards,

 Malinda Zarate