Deeply Connect – From Idea/Vision to Sustainability – Angel Michael Rojas on Emboldened Heart – Replay





  Angel Michael Rojas


“From Idea/Vision to Sustainability”

Deeply connect with your own ideas, visions and heart’s desires…nourish yourself by bringing them into reality.

We each have great ideas, ideas that move into vision. However there are times when what we see or feel in these ideas never makes it out into the world. Yet, if we listen, embrace and allow our ideas to be heard, we gain clarity of our visions. Our vision can then be lived…providing us the until freedom of self sustainability.

Do you have great ideas that only remain ideas?

Do you feel distracted by multiple projects?

Is your work not feeding your passion?

Does your vision appear unclear or unsettled?

“From Idea/Vision To Sustainability”  enables us to bring forth all that is part of the unseen. Bringing the unseen into our seen and lived human experience of a creative life. Our focus is to dive deep and pull out our creative expressions and to them give them voice in the form of our Vision, Purpose, Mission statements.

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Title: Angel Michael Rojas on Emboldened Heart
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Bring the idea, the dream, the vision and Michael will guide you as you bring it into reality.