Energy of Emotion – Life Changing Energy Clearing on Emboldened Heart


Emotions add color, texture and feeling to our experience of life. Emotions  bring us joy, pain and sorrow, elation and despair.
As you may know, I’m not only a the founder and host of Emboldened Heart, I’m also a wellness coach and an energy practitioner myself…
I’ve recently been interviewed on another teleseminar series and was asked to do live emotional clearing work with the listeners. There was a really positive response. I was humbled and grateful. This was the first time I’d done energy work with a group of people in that way and they loved it! I realized that I needed to do the same thing for my lovely listeners…There’s no time like the present!
This call was a little different…
I took live callers who needed some help with releasing emotional energy that may be causing problems in their lives. We released decades-old trapped emotions and opened up new possibilities for them!
Here’s what people said:
“This was so fast, it seemed really gentle, but WOW! I FELT A BIG CHANGE!”
“Your demeanor is so calming, so confident, I felt the energy shift and afterward I felt much stress was greatly diminised.”
“I don’t know how this works,  I just know it works! What a sense of relief…thank you, thank you!”   
Maybe you are experiencing pain, health issues, relationship or money problems. Releasing emotional energy can help with all of the above.
Can we release emotional energy and re-connect with our own joy, health and happiness? Absolutely!

Title: The Energy of Emotion – Live Clearing Replay

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Join me and learn about some powerful, yet gentle work…It can be a trigger for happiness and inner peace, health and happiness.
It can be the basis for a more authentic, more joyful, more abundant life.
This special call will focus on the  ENERGY OF EMOTIONAL RELEASE, in order to help move you forward on your path to total happiness, peace, wellness, abundance…as a partner with SPIRIT.
I share  some important ideas and concepts, and provide LIVE CLEARING that will help YOU to connect more with HAPPINESS AND PEACE, because I want the very best for you!
I also have a special offer for you, my Life-Changing Energy Programconsisting of 10 mp3s focusing on YOUR ENERGY AND HOW TO BALANCE AND STRENGTHEN YOURSELF NATURALLY AND EASILY. Included with this special package is a bonus 50-minute one-on-one energy healing session to help you release energy blocks and embrace a bigger, brighter, happier life.  This special offer is discounted over 65% for you.
Click into the below Replay link to access the special offer:

Life – Changing Energy Program includes the following: 


Simple and Effective ways to use Energy for Lasting Health and Happiness

Life – Changing Energy  (10 Mp3 Collection)


1) The Energy of Life

Our life energy is directed in many different areas, and ideally is well balanced each of these areas, but this is often not the case. This audio will help you identify important areas of your life which are not balanced, and offer some tips and tools to help get your energy back in vibrant balance.


2) The Energy of Stress

Demands on our time and our personal energy can add up to a great deal of stress if we do not take steps to align and maintain our sense of well-being. This audio will provide quick and easy-to-implement tools and suggestions for reducing stress and replacing It with a sense that “all Is well.”


3) The Energy of Intuition

We all have a sense of intuition, but often Is has either not been encouraged or has been trained into a dormant state. This audio provides a good background of understanding your intuition, and explains how intuition can help us in creating a richer, more joyful life.


4) The Energy of Power Vs. Force

There is an energetic vibration associated with everything in the universe. The lower the vibration, the more any particular aspect will be associated with force rather than power. The higher the consciousness, the higher the vibration and more true power is available, This audio explains how our thoughts, feelings, intentions and actions vibrate and where we are on the scale of high vibration and consciousness.


5) The Energy of Emotion


Emotion is so very much a part of our experiencing of life, but often emotion can be troubling and cause energy blockages within our physical body. This audio will provide an understanding of how emotion can block us, and how to dissolve those blocks to open ourselves up to more happiness, abundance and peace.


6) The Energy of the Subconscious

Our subconscious plays a huge part in how we perceive and interact with our world. We use only 10% mind when we are conscious, so what about the other 90%? This audio provides insight and understanding into our subconscious, and offers tools and methods to help us access our subconscious and reprogram the “bugs” for great improvement in all areas of our life.


7) The Energy of Water

Water is in us, outside of us and all around us. It plays such an enormous role in our sustenance and our enjoyment of life! This audio explains how and why we should change the way we think about and interact with water, and also offers many suggestions as to why it is so important for us to “just add water.”


8) The Energy of Laughter

We all know how good it feels to laugh, but it’s also extremely good for us This audio will shed light on why it’s so important to laugh often, even if we don’t feel like it. Laughter is truly the best medicine!


9) The Energy of Sound

Sound can be used in so many wonderful ways to enhance and improve our lives. It can help us to relax, can help us to connect with our spirit it can take us into the past and energize us toward our future. This audio provides many tools and tips for you to bathe yourself in the beauty of sound.


10) The Energy of Manifestation

The energy of manifestation is at work every moment of our lives, but how often do we really acknowledge this and harness it? Not as often as we could! This audio will take you through the process of manifestation and offer a simple and straightforward method for you to create the things and experiences that your heart desires.

Take advantage of this opportunity to receive some amazing healing and help!
I want to help you bless YOURSELF, bless your life, and to achieve  more happiness, more love, more peace, more abundance, and more of whatever  YOUR HEART DESIRES!
Looking forward to having YOU listen in!
Warmest Regards,
Malinda Zarate