Equinox Vocal Blessings – Fall 2017

Heart Touch







My lovely and dear friend, Meri, has agreed to collaborate with me in blessing each of you with her exquisite voice and a message for the purpose of balancing polarities…much needed by all humanity, our Mother Earth and greatly cheered on by the Higher Realms…


Sit back, breathe deeply and allow the vocal blessing to wash over and through you…



Click below for the audio:





She has also written a beautiful message that is a part of this blessing:


Our Beloved Global Family,


These are time of fierceness and unprecedented vulnerability. We are asked to be fierce with our inner work in the sense that we won’t go into hiding anymore. No more hiding of our illuminating essence, no more hiding of any lesser energies of fear, doubt or shame. We are asked to open our hearts and souls, not to be a victim stuck in past trauma nor a hero to be put on a pedestal, but rather in a sense of allowing all of ourselves to exist, to live, to breathe, to cry, to laugh to be fierce and fabulous and more vulnerable than ever before.


In a world where order and making sense of things is found through marking polarities, as guidelines, saying if you are sad you cannot be happy, if you are broken you cannot be whole, we are asked to step out of the linear way of perceiving world where opposites define each other (good/bad, young/old, black/white) and rather step into an omni-verse where all possibilities are present at the same time, where all of us can be allowed and accepted to exist. For in truth, we can be both happy and sad, both broken and whole, at the same time.


We have pushed the polarisation to extremes on this planet and it is time to pull back and awaken into the co-existence of multiple realities. At the core of every religion there is communion with the Source Essence. The sense of sacred, the sense of something greater than our mundane lives. We can cultivate sensing that essence flowing through us, within us, to have that Source Essence in communion with our own Core Essence. When staying in the essence, there are no polarities. There is an ongoing vibration of life, living, expressing itself through various manifestations. The more we can approach life and this world from this perspective, the more we are connected to the truth of what is present in the now, in it’s purest form.


We are asked to become more vulnerable in showing our true humanness. Our tears are a healing balm for the grieving hearts. Women’s moon blood is sacred elixir to be revered and used to heal wounds, generations deep, of being cut off from our truest essence within the rigid patriarchal structures. Very few, men or women, have been able to live a life truly in alignment with their innermost values and intuitive knowing. It is time now. Time for each man and woman to claim their sovereign power. To claim their authentic truth in deep communion with the Source Essence that guides us, if we only listen.


For every man and woman on this planet right now there is an urgent call to step out of any fear of living an authentic life. Especially those living in the so called ‘free world’ who have that relative freedom for making such choices. To rise above your inner restrictions and walk through the fires of self doubt to embrace the Honest to God-dess Truth of your Core Essence. You will feel a calling towards your soul’s guided path. Follow the call, take those steps, walk through the fires with fierceness and the vulnerability of accepting yourself just as you are, right now.


Radical acts of self love will turn the tides. Through liberating, honouring and loving ourselves we are liberating, honouring and loving this planet and all human kind. The path is clear. The journey might not be easy but every step towards greater authenticity will ease the way for others to follow.


Embrace your complex humanness and your simple sacred essence. Embrace your fierceness and true, vulnerable authenticity and you have done your part in balancing polarities on this planet. Express your Core Source Essence in all your humanness and you have created a new reality that can heal the planet.


Your core is pure and sacred. You are loved beyond measure.


Infinite blessings,





Enjoy this beautiful gift!


Much Love,