Mantras, Kirtan, Chanting…with Bryanjali

Join me TODAY, Wedneday, December 1st at 4 pm Central Time for a really fun podcast interview with …BRYANJALI, the kirtan offering of my friend, Bryan Keith. (Anjali is the Sanskrit word that means “gift” or “offering”). If you can’t join us live, the replay is available at the same link.

Here is the link:


Inspired by yoga philosophy and the life-changing energy of music, Bryan brings his personal style to the ancient practice of chanting and kirtan. The music of Bryanjali engages the listener and promotes ideas of well being for self, others, and our shared world.

Bryan is the producer of Bryanjali, and performs many instruments and adds many vocals.  Other musicians and friends occasionally join in for the musical celebration.

Bryan has been a musician all of his life, and in recent years has discovered a great love for the positive and uplifting aspects of chanting and kirtan. First came the writing (so far he has composed over one hundred kirtan/chanting arrangements). Then came the experience of leading chanting and kirtan in classes and workshops. Then the recordings began and…oh, what fun!

Hope you can join us!

His music is on all major platforms and can be found at //