Exciting Changes, New Format and Much Appreciation…




My Mission is to help YOU make positive life-changes.

I want to help get you the result you want in the fastest, easiest, most elegant way possible!

I’m so full of love and gratitude for all of YOU, my dear listeners! We just celebrated the one year anniversary of Emboldened Heart last month. In reflecting on what has been accomplished and how I can even better serve you, I’m guided to change the format of my events to allow YOU more time to listen, and to absorb the special messengers of my wonderful speakers, so…


1) Starting June 19th, I will be hosting ONE SPECIAL SPEAKER EACH WEEK, and the interview replay will be available to you for a full 7 days, along with any special package offered by that speaker.

2)  I’ll host a 90-MINUTE GROUP LIVE CLEARING CALL EACH WEEK, working with  individuals who want to clear trapped emotions that may be blocking them from fully experiencing health, happiness, abundance, loving relationships, joy, business success and anything their heart desires.These calls will rotate between afternoon and evening calls on Wednesday and Thursday. This will allow people in numerous time zones and geographic locations to attend the calls and work with me one-on-one. The call time and day will be announced for youon Monday of each week.

3) On Fridays, I’ll continue to offer my HOUR LONG “ENERGY OF…”  CALL series, where I will share insights, information and education on an array of energy-related topics. This is so much fun for me, and I’ve gotten tons of feedback from listeners who love this.

4) I’ll continue to share with you additional SPECIAL PROGRAMS AND NEWSWORTHY ITEMS that I think are worthwhile and important to share.

I know that sometimes you may feel like you get too many emails from me…I understand this, I really do…

My sincere request is that you will simply remain “OPEN” to the messages I’m sharing. They won’t all resonate with you, of course. But many of them will. Those are the messages I don’t want you to miss. They are life-changing…

Things are happening quickly in our world. Let’s use the power of our collectively “EMBOLDENED HEARTS” to shape our world into the best and brightest one we can possibly envision.

Please enjoy the incredible and inspired interviews from the May celebration event through this weekend. The special guest speakers have powerful information on money, abundance, realizing your dreams,  and connections with loved ones and animals.

All replays and special offers are available for you to enjoy until 11:59 pm EST on Sunday, June 9th.

Blessings and Light,


  Elyse Hope Killoran 

Powerful Replay!

Generating Wealth in the New Paradigm:

Activating the Collective Field of the Heart 

Become An Evolutionary Wealth Generator

What we know…The game of wealth we have been playing isn’t working for us – individually or for the planet.We must pro-actively choose to play a new game.This new game – the game of Evolutionary Wealth Generation – is a game of enlightened self-interest where you serve your greatest value on the planet while you reap abundant rewards.So – are you ready to make a new CHOICE and step into the field of new possibilities – for both your personal fulfillment and for the creation of a world that works for everyone?

Here’s the link for my interview with Elyse Hope Killoran:

Title: Elyse Hope Killoran on Emboldened Heart

Here’s the Link to the Replay Page:


This is some of the most brilliant and powerful information available on the planet today regarding wealth, abundance. It will change the way you think about money!



Become One With Money, Miracles and Abundance

Emmanual’s story is a miracle… When Emmanuel was two years old, while his mother was tucking him into bed, she heard him say something that caught her off guard and that has remained with her to this day. “Love is all there is, and we all come from love,” Emmanuel shared with his shy little voice. After asking him to repeat it again just to make sure she heard correctly, Emmanuel’s mom knew in that moment that her child had come into this world to serve humanity in a powerful way.

Over the past 10 years, Emmanuel Dagher has had the honor of co-creating miraculous shifts with thousands of people around the world through his work as a Transformational Healer, Conscious Evolutionary Guide, Medical Intuitive, Teacher and Author and Musician.

He’ll explain why, even though most of us want to be financially prosperous, some of us seem to have blocks around this area of our lives.

He’ll share some paradigm shifting insights & techniques that have been helping thousands of people improve their relationship with money.

He has a really powerful process for his clients that helps them attract more abundance, and he’ll share a sample of it with us.
Here’s the Link for my interview with Emmanuel Dagher:

Title: Emmanuel Dagher on Emboldened Heart
Here’s the Link to the Replay Page:

Emmanuel’s amazing talent, creativity and passion for life is a gift. Learning from him is a gift to give YOURSELF! You will learn to “Become One with Money, Miracles and Abundance!”

  Angel Michael Rojas


“From Idea/Vision to Sustainability”

We each have great ideas and have ideas that move into vision, However there are times what we see or feel in these ideas never makes it out into the world. Yet, if we listen, embrace and allow our ideas to be heard, we gain clarity of our visions. Our vision can then be lived providing us the until freedom of self sustainability.

Do you have great ideas, that only remain ideas?

Do you feel distracted by multiple projects?

Is your work not feeding your passion?

Does your vision appear unclear or unsettled?

“From Idea/Vision To Sustainability”  enables us to bring forth all that is part of the unseen. Bringing the unseen into our seen and lived human experience of a creative life. Our focus is to dive deep and pull out our creative expressions and to them give them voice in the form of our Vision, Purpose, Mission statements.

Here’s the Link for my interview with Angel Michael Rojas:

Title: Angel Michael Rojas on Emboldened Heart

Here’s the Link to the Replay Page:


Bring the idea, the dream, the vision and Michael will help you bring it into reality.


Dr. Tricia Working

“The Fur Agreements

Dr. Trish has a deep understanding of the Divine Aspects of the Animal Kingdom.  She has a very special way of helping you and your pet…whether the need is with healing, connection, communication or deepening the relationship you have with your pet.  Her newly released book, “The Fur Agreements” is a treasure trove of insights, blessings and prayers that will help you to deepen your love and appreciation for your pet, and for all animals.

Here’s the Link for my interview with Dr. Tricia Working:

Title: Dr. Tricia Working on Emboldened Heart

Here’s the Link to the Replay Page:
This is a new understanding of our relationship with animals that is beyond anything we previously experienced. Listen and you will be deeply touched.


Michelle Peticolas


“Transforming Grief:

Secrets of Life and Death

Grief transformation specialist, filmmaker, sociologist and sought-after speaker, Michelle Peticolas is dedicated to shifting the way people think about and deal with death.

In response to the loss of her own parents, she produced a three-part documentary film series, Secrets of Life and Death, to encourage dialogue and exploration of end-of-life issues. This award-winning series is being used in workshops and trainings for hospitals, cancer organizations, hospices, educational institutions and community groups throughout the United States. The films have the stamp of Michelle’s thirty-plus years of study with a Sufi Master from Baghdad. Not the usual sort of fly-on-the-wall reportage, they provide lyrical and poetic glimpses of the interior landscape of death and loss.

In her private practice as a grief transformation coach, Michelle helps people discover the new life possibilities contained within loss. Dream-work, music, breath, body awareness, tarot, visualization, storytelling, and practical exercises are some of the tools she uses to help people release their pain and fear while creating a new more satisfying way of being. Her work weaves together her spiritual and mystical Sufi training and her own practical, life-embracing approach to grief and loss.

Here’s the Link for my interview with Michelle Peticolas:

Title: Michelle Peticolas on Emboldened Heart

Here’s the Link to the Replay Page:


Michelle will help you understand and connect with the beautiful and deep meaning of your past and present losses, so that you can use these experiences to help create your desired life…in the present!

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to benefit and learn from these incredible special guests! 

It’s my mission to provide transformative concepts,  methods and processes so that YOU can create the life which is truly your Heart’s Desire.

I’m honored to share this life-changing information with you!  

Warm Regards,

Malinda Zarate