Embrace Grace

EMBRACE GRACE – Body, Mind, Spirit Support for 2023
What is Grace?

•It is the ever-available, unmerited blessing and favor of The Universe, Source, God, The Divine, Higher Intelligence…the unconditional love given to all, including those that feel undeserving.


•It resides within you!

The energy of Grace includes:







**The above words are not just words. They all have an energy and a powerful resonance which is available to each of us.

This is a pivotal time in our personal lives, in the collective human family and on our beautiful earth home. With all of  the rapid and constant change, we need support, as we have been in solitude and separation for much of the last few years, alone with ourselves and our souls. Now it is time to come back together, together with ourselves, our souls and each other. Though it may look and feel  different, there is so much to be excited about…We need each other…in  caring connection, collaboration, and community.

We’re creating a New World!

The graceful Yin energy of Divine Mother is weaving back into our fields on all levels, bringing more understanding, creative thinking, inspiration and  compassion upon us and into our body, mind and spirit.

This  75 minute class, held weekly for  8 weeks is  a full program of Grace-filled learning and transformation. Every class will  focus on body, mind and spirit, with a tool, technique or transmission for each area.  Every class will be different and each one can stand alone, yet will build onto the previous session. Grace energy will connect, strengthen, brighten and bless us, individually and collectively.

A trinity of grace energy will be available for you with 3 different modalities…all powerful catalysts for positive, permanent powerful life change: 

  • Positive Intelligence (PQ)
  • Timeline Therapy
  • Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT)

The program will be held via Zoom, but we will not just be looking at each other in boxes on a screen. Instead, we will be using color, sound, symbols and systems to bring the Energy of Grace into our being.

This is a time to look within and decide what really matters–to examine your priorities and decide where you want to place your physical, emotional and mental energy. While change is occuring at a very fast pace, it’s easy to become confused or fearful. Confusion and fear will not help you deal with or decide anything: more likely, it will interfere with clear assessment, planning and follow-through.
Give yourself permission to do the things that matter to you most, to be with people you care about, and to take time each day to feel strong and calm, to consciously relax, to access the peace of mind, the strength and the clarity to CREATE THE LIFE  your heart desires and that you so richly deserve.
Every class will help to install a new program of Grace-filled thinking and feeling into your being…A video of each class is provided, along with a separate audio recording that is specifically designed for you to listen to as often as you choose, to install the powerful new Grace Messages into your subconscious as new habits of thought. You also receive a Powerpoint slide presentation, so you can go back and see the images, colors, and messages.
Classes begin February 11th at 3 pm Central Time and continue each week for 8 weeks. If you register for any or all 8 classes you will receive the replays.
GRACE YOURSELF – Entire Series of 8 Classes  $132 (25% discount)
GRACE YOURSELF Class  – Single Class    $22