Grow PQ 8 – Week Program


Crossing the threshold from skill building to application and integration, the Grow PQ Program  takes you to the next level in your Self-Actualization journey… 

Your Sage muscles continue to develop as your Saboteur thoughts are minimized through ongoing learning with positive self command that  begins to feel natural and easy.

Grow PQ 8-week program includes:

1.    Grow App Upgrade – customizable to allow you to decide what you wish to focus on each week. (Topics include all 10 Saboteur aspects, all 5 Sage Powers, Stress Reduction, Health and Wellness, Improved Sleep, Improved Relationships, Happiness and Peace of Mind, Self Command and more…)

2.    Mental Fitness Gym App Upgrade with  additional new PQ rep sessions

3.   Weekly  Recorded Masterclass with Shirzad.

4.    Weekly Group Meeting Q & A with Malinda

5.   Private Coaching Sessions (4 ) with Malinda

6.  Live Monthly session with Shirzad

Topics include:

●     Stress Management

●     Energy/Impact Optimization

●     Raising Emotional Intelligence

●     PQ for Greater Happiness

●     Leadership

●     Wellness

●     Productivity

●     Self-Actualization


Program Component Value

   I.          Grow App  (customizable for you)        $ 200

   II.        Private Coaching Sessions (4)                $  220

   III.       Weekly Group Sessions (8)                    $  440

   IV.       Masterclasses w Shirzad (15 plus)       $ 1,125 

Program Value                                                             $ 1,985

Program Regularly Priced at $995

(Discount through Jan. 4th)