Heal Childhood Abuse…NOW!


Did You Experience Childhood Abuse?



Does this still impact you now?

Can you tell when you are being Abused?

Does this sound like a crazy question?


Rebecca Messenger never ceases to amaze me!!!

She has a  very powerful and effective program to heal abuse….THIS IS TRULY LIFE-CHANGING!


She describes it (in her own words):

Here’s what can happen to you…

If an abuse pattern is introduced to you at an early age, you can become so “accepting” of abuses that it almost feels normal. If this pattern is fed with other abuses it starts to magnetize like crazy. Recently, I had to face some old unhealed abuse issues of my own.

It hurt…a lot.

I thought I had healed all those old issues but Spirit showed me I had left a very deep root. I did a process that took me back to the womb where I could hear my father berating my mother, verbally abusing her. It felt uncomfortable to me even as a tiny fetus and some part of me believed “this is how men treat women”.”This is normal behavior”.

As I did more energy work on myself I discovered that my particular pattern was tied into survival.

“If I don’t accept this behavior I won’t survive”

Our spirit knows that this behavior is not acceptable but our surroundings may dictate that abusive behavior is normal.

As children we have nothing else to compare it to. We can become so accustomed to abuse that we don’t even see it coming. We don’t see the warning signs, often; we become involved in a full-fledged abusive incident before we realize that we are being abused… again.

So, whether it’s verbal abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, or any kind of abuse, you must ask yourself.

“Have I truly healed from this?

Have you become so accustomed to this that you accept this behavior as normal? It is easier to see the bigger abuses- ie-if you are being beaten on a regular basis then you can be pretty sure you have an abuse pattern going on.

But, what about the more subtle attacks on your spirit?

What about that co-worker that is always trying to put you down? What about that spouse who tries to make themselves look good by making you look ditzy? What about all those times your spirit feels dishonored yet you rationalize the behavior?

We keep accepting abuse sometimes because…

  1. We don’t recognize certain behaviors as abusive
  2. We have not healed the core issue when the abuse pattern was formed.

If this core abuse issue is not healed here’s what can happen…

  1. We continue to accept abuse as normal
  2. We self abuse — eating foods that harm our bodies, using addictive substances,self-denigrating
  3. We become an abuser, – or we allow our children or family members to continue being abused.

Here are some signs you could have an unhealed abuse pattern:
(You could have only one or several)

  • You allow others to make you feel small.
  • You cannot say “NO”.
  • You find it hard to stick up for yourself.
  • You find it almost impossible to make decisions.
  • You are afraid to ask for what you really want.
  • Your spirit knows you are wounded.
  • You may abuse others. (rare for women, we prefer to abuse ourselves)
  • Your children treat you disrespectfully.
  • You don’t feel like you deserve the best.
  • You don’t nurture yourself.
  • You put everyone else’s needs ahead of yours. (Martyr syndrome)
  • You find it difficult to trust anyone.
  • You are always waiting for the “other shoe” to drop.
  • You are just not happy.
  • You feel it is your duty to have S–, even when you don’t want to.

Is any of this resonating with your spirit?

Spirit would never give me revelation on such a huge issue without giving me a unique way to heal it.

I’ve put together a class (you can partake by audio) just to address this issue. The object of this class is not to swap a bunch of horror stories — we’ve all had enough of that.

No, our purpose here is to heal the IMPRINT when we were first impressed with abuse and accepted it as normal. Healing the imprint will take the blinders off so we can fully recognize abuse if someone would dare to try it. We simply will no longer be a magnet to abuse.

Have you ever noticed that when someone is abusing you it seems like some “other force” takes them over? One minute they are sweet and nice and the next they can be a raving maniac.

In the case of S——- abuse, they absolutely seem carried away by some unknown force. For this reason we absolutely MUST heal this from a spiritual perspective.

So how are we going to heal so great an issue?

Class Modalities:

  • EFT
  • Avana Method
  • Spiritual Intervention
  • Divine Forgiveness
  • Changing your blueprint

What is the opposite of abuse?

Self love… heal the original abuse pattern and the attraction is no longer there.

If you are resonating with this information, then you volunteered to be a savior. A savior of yourself, your ancestors and your decedents. The abuse stops here!

This is an Audio Program… Just listen and follow the class as if Rebecca were there holding your hand…

(Because she will be there in Spirit)

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