Heart Star Program

YOU hold within your being the key…to health, vitality, abundance, peace of mind and happiness…
it’s all there and available through YOUR HEART STAR…Move into it!

The Heart Star Activation is a weekly program which begins at the powerful 11:11 portal period and lasts through 1-11-18 wrapping up with a NEW YEAR MASTERY ACTIVATION CALL

The Heart Star  Program includes the following:

  1. Heart Star 2 oz. Flower Essence – made specifically for the NOW with sacred activated water and rare Andean orchid flowers
  2. Weekly Group Call –  Meditation and message call (live, recorded and downloadable)
  3. Special Live Gateway Call – December 12th (12-12) Meditation with a powerful vocal blessing by Meri Nikula
  4. Winter Solstice Meditation – Dec. 21st (live, recorded and downloadable)
  5. Weekly Heart Touches – support messages sent each Monday via email
  6. Bonus messages, musings and tools, as I am guided to share
  7. New Year Mastery Meditation Call on Jan.11th
  8. Private Facebook Group for sharing & interacting (optional)

Topics we cover will include Self Mastery, Sovereignty, Chaos Clearing, Co-Creation, Masculine/Feminine Energy Balancing, Numerology, Anti-Aging & Youthing, Higher Guidance, DNA, Creation Energy, Sound and Color Healing, Emotional Resonance and much more…


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The full 2-month program cost is $197