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Drop Into Your Heart
Grandmothers,” I said as I stood before them, “what is the most important thing we can do today to help ourselves and others?  There’s so much turmoil, anger and fear in the world right now.  What’s the best thing we can do?”
“It is your heart that will lift you,” they said. “If you move into your heart and keep your focus there for only a few seconds, it will lift you.” Fixing their eyes on me they said, “You are looking at this situation the wrong way.  You think there is some work for you to do.  You think you should lift your heart, should make yourself think differently, should be different in some way, etc. etc.”  They shook their heads back and forth, back and forth as they regarded me patiently.  “It’s not like that,” they said.  “Because your actual nature is love and peace, you don’t have to ‘make yourself’ do anything in order to feel good.  If you simply drop into your heart and wait there, you will automatically open to peace and love.  It’s the way you’re made.  It’s your natural way of being.
“You needn’t struggle and you needn’t be afraid,” they said.  “It’s the mind that manufactures all of that; there’s no fear and struggle in the heart because the heart knows better.  The heart knows HOME; it is tuned to home.  So get to know your heart.  It’s time.  Haven’t you wasted enough years following after those images in your mind?  Aren’t you tired of all that racing, chasing and disappointment?  “So,” they shrugged, “give yourself a break.   Return to peace.
“Move into your heart and start to live from there.  Try it!  Think of taking up residence and then throughout the day consciously return to your heart.  Like a magnet, let it pull you into peace and safety.  Then rest at this quiet center point.  You can always venture out again with the mind if and when you want to, but up until now you have allowed that ever-searching, ever dissatisfied mind to control your life.  So much so that you’ve lost your affinity for peace, which is your natural state.  We are urging you to return to it now.  Return to balance.
“Go into your heart and rest there.  Start by thinking of the center of your chest and of us calling you home.  Then let yourself drop in.  It’s like a cave or a nest inside yourself and there we will enfold you and hold you steady while you replenish.  You deserve a break, so take it. Take it now.   







“Living a heart-centered life will restore and revivify you. It will fill you full. Then you will have something to give to the world.”
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