Immortality…Is it Possible?

Enjoy the Replay of my interview today with  ED FRANCO:


Ed Franco will really open your minds to new possibilities as we discuss his wonderful book, Life Unlimited: A Timeless Approach to Aging and Longevity. 

Maybe we are really limiting ourselves with our beliefs about aging and dying…DON’T MISS THIS!  

Ed Franco on Emboldened Heart:

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 Ed Franco suggests we consider this:

We live in a time far more exciting than any other in history in terms of possibility.  What is fact today was not even in the realm of science fiction 100 years ago.

Simultaneously something is happening that is unprecedented.  At the same time that we know more about science than we have ever known before, people seem more interested in spirituality and the unseen than ever before.

From the time we are little children we are bombarded with the idea that we will age, get sick, and die.

To heal our relationship with life, we first need to heal our relationship with death.

Each of us has a special gift, a passion in life that is uniquely ours, and we can find it at any age.

We live in what I call an age-centric society, where most things are defined and determined by age.

What you tell yourself about yourself relative to your age is important.  Often this happens on an unconscious level, as a result of external influences (e.g., the media, trusted professionals, etc.).

PASSAGE FROM BOOK: “We spend much of our lives getting ready for adulthood but, if you really look at it, very little of our energy is put into enjoying it once it arrives…” 

You can buy Ed aFranco’s incredible, thoughtful and  mind-opening book,

Life Unlimited: A Timeless Approach to Aging and Longevity online right here:


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