Inner Authority Session

This is a 75-minute session with Malinda specifically focused on upgrading your inner-level authority and emboldening your heart for more strength, self-love, purpose and clarity about yourself, your life and your special gifts, talents and service to the world.

With the new challenges and stresses facing each one of us , we all need new understanding, new self-talk, new programming and ways of managing our lives that feel congruent with who we truly are. This session is deep, powerful and will provide incredible insights for you. It will give you a huge amount of clarity and understanding, so that you can move forward with life inspired and fully aware of your potential and  possibilities.


The session includes a Heart Wall Clearing initially. Next, Malinda will take you through a short but powerful relaxation induction to put you into an open and very relaxed state. We then take you deeply into yourself, into a new awareness of who you are and what you can create as an upgraded experience of life. You are provided with a recording of the meditation, so that you can use it to imprint the new information and messaging into your being on all levels.

The session is done via Zoom or Skype.

The investment is $60