Inviting Abundance

From Daily Om, on the day after Thanksgiving. This is my¬†horoscope, but it’s true for anyone…I’m still feeling thankful…



Inviting Abundance


NOVEMBER 23, 2018


Since you are likely in a generous and compassionate mood today, you may find it easy to part with your personal resources when you know that they will be used to improve the lives of those less fortunate than yourself. This unselfish mood can inspire you to seek out new ways to contribute to worldwide improvement through the donation of time, money, or talent. You may feel bountiful and rich in spirit today as you share your abundance with others, either directly or by supporting a philanthropic organization. Surprisingly, you will likely discover that as fast as you can donate your resources to those charitable causes you believe in, opportunities to earn wealth and prestige will suddenly appear in your life.

When we give generously of our resources to help those we encounter achieve a new level of prosperity, we send a signal to the universe that states that we are amicable to being on the receiving end of generosity. Since we seldom shy away from opportunities to give, we demonstrate that philanthropic action is an established and important part of our existence. And because like naturally attracts like, we integrate prosperity into our day-to-day experience through our positive actions. We feel bountiful not only because bounty is consistently coming into our lives but also because we appreciate that we are solvent enough to share our resources and time with the people who will benefit from them most. The generosity you exhibit today will draw abundance into your life like a powerful magnet.