Just Breathe…

A lovely gift from Catherine Ewing…Enjoy!

Dear Beloved One,


Just sit in the silence with me.


Sit in the stillness with me.


Bring your Self back to the breath….over and over and over again.


Each time you notice your Self wandering bring your Self back to the stillness and to the breath.


For here is everything that you need.


Here is everything that you desire.


There is no need to search out there, beyond your Self, any longer.


No need to peek over there, or poke under that or look behind the curtain for the answer.




Dear One, simply breath and know that You are the answer.


There is no place to go except for deeper into the beautiful Universe of you.


Everything is available to you here.


You are the everything that you are searching for.


Allow that truth to settle into your heart and your mind and your bones and your cells.


How can you soften into that knowing?  Through the breath.


Can you relax into your next inhalation and exhalation…and then into your next inhalation and exhalation?


For you need not go any farther than this.


Move deeply into your Self, rather than away from your Self.


Breathe. Silence. Stillness.


I will be there waiting, always and forever.


All love,

Your Sacred Heart






Rev. Catherine Ewing, LCSW, MDiv

Sacred Heart Alchemist & Emotional Freedom Catalyst

Sacred Heart Alchemy & Sacred Heart Sisterhood