Life-Changing Energy and Wellness Program


More Energy! Less Stress! More Freedom!

 Sound Good?

 YES! It’s absolutely available for you now, through a fun, convenient and purposeful personal wellness coaching program that is designed to provide YOU with “Life-Changing Energy and Wellness.”

This customized wellness program is designed to help you accomplish your health, wellness and fitness goals through a convenient, enjoyable and efficient step-by-step approach with a minimum 3-month commitment on your part. We work together by phone and online, which is even more convenient for you.

Why should you consider coaching? Ask Yourself These Important Questions:

  • Do I feel stressed or overwhelmed?
  • Do I get enough sleep?
  • Do I worry a lot?
  • Do I drink enough water?
  • Do I get enough exercise?
  • Do I feel exhausted?
  • Do I need to lose weight?
  • Do I eat junk food?
  • Do I relax easily?
  • Do I have a health concern?
  • How is this affecting my life?
  • How is it impacting those I care about?
  • What will happen if don’t deal with it?

Everyone deserves to feel good and to enjoy life. We all just need some basic tools and a solid support system, right? This program is designed to deliver results!

The best part is that the program is fun, encouraging, and supportive.  Have you heard the phrase “No pain, no gain?” Forget that! It doesn’t work… I want you to succeed without frustration and force! You have the decision-making power and I want to support you in making reasonable, lasting life changes.

 Remember this: You don’t have to go it alone. Coaching can really help you…You’ll have more energy, less stress and more peace of mind.

I’ll help you clearly define your goals, create simple action plans… and together we’ll celebrate your achievements!



More Energy & Stamina!

Improved Health and Vitality!

Lower Stress Levels!

More Flexibility and Greater Balance!

Better Sleep!

Relaxation Exercises!

Guided Meditations!

Deep Breathing!

Weight Loss!

Stronger Immune System!

More Freedom and Control!

Healthier Diet!

Improved Relationships!

Holistic Approach to Wellness!

A Support System!

A Happier You!


So how does it work and what do you get?

Program options include personal assessments, individual coaching sessions and weekly recorded group coaching calls, ongoing personal support,  weekly wellness tips and articles, and a weekly focus meditation recording.

There are 2 program options:

 Level One – ENERGIZE


  • One 60-Minute Individual Personal Wellness and Energy Coaching Session per month
  • Personal Health, Wellness and Energy Assessment
  • Monthly Action Plan and Progress Report
  • Weekly Guided Focus Meditation (Recorded with 24-Hour Replay Access)
  • Weekly Recorded Wellness Group Call with 24-Hour Replay Access
  • Weekly Support tools:  videos, articles, nutrition and fitness tips sent via email
  • Email access to Coach with 24-hour reply time
  • Optional Private Facebook Group 

$197 per month


$500 per quarter (save over $100)


The above ENERGIZE level is ideal if you don’t quite know where to start, as you’ll get additional personal attention, help, and guidance. Our monthly individualized coaching session will help to focus on specific goals and action plans. We will strategize so that you can confidently take the next steps along your path to vibrant wellness and balanced energy. It takes 21 days to develop a new habit. We’ll take advantage of every day!


Level Two – EXPAND


  • Health, Wellness and Energy Assessment
  • Weekly Guided Focus Meditation (Recorded with 24-Hour Replay Access)
  • Weekly Recorded Wellness Group Call with 24-Hour Replay Access
  • Weekly Support tools:  videos, articles, nutrition and fitness tips sent via email
  • Email access with to Coach 24-48 hour reply time
  • Optional Private Facebook Group

$97 per month

$250 per quarter (save $50)

This EXPAND level is great if you enjoy group dynamics, but don’t feel the need for personalized one-on-one attention and support. You will benefit from strong support and our focus on the fact that health leads to wellness, wellness leads to wholeness and wholeness leads to happiness!… The whole group will be your support system!

 *Coaching Options described above are available with a 3-month agreement, payable monthly in advance. If you choose to pay in full up front for the 3-month program, you will receive a 15% discount.

 You make the decisions and you are in charge of how quickly you choose to implement change in your life.

I provide the structure and support for you to make those important changes. You take the action.

You, as Client are always in the driver’s seat and you select the specific areas you want to improve on. Your decisions are respected.

You make the decision to take next steps toward your health, wellness and fitness goals and you are ultimately responsible for the outcome.

I help by providing information and education, support, encouragement and accountability.

As the Coach, I act as the co-pilot and  cheering section as YOU take action and see results!

Why wait any longer? Give yourself the life-changing gift of WELLNESS…You have nothing to lose and everything to gain…

Do something really good for yourself. Take the next step…

Connect the dots to health, wellness, wholeness and happiness. This is really what we are all really looking for. We want to feel whole, we want to lead a full, interesting and happy life.

We want to experience all the goodness we can possibly fit into our lives, don’t we? Yes!

There is much we can do together. It will be interesting, it will be results-oriented and it will be fun! I promise.

This is about you… It’s YOUR time… Let’s get started together…NOW!


*It is important to note that the information and concepts presented by the Life-Changing Energy Wellness Coaching are for educational purposes only. Wellness and Health Coaching is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition,  nor is it intended to substitute for advice, diagnosis and/or treatment by a qualified licensed medical professional.