Life Eclipse…Yours!

It’s Eclipse Time … There is so much happening right now! I am constantly amazed at how we are managing to traverse all the inner and outer change that is being “dished out”, uncovered and experienced by us all. We are really eclipsing the old and replacing it with the new…and it’s not always easy. In fact, it’s anything but easy right now…

We are committed to making a difference, first in ourselves, then in our loved ones, our community and ultimately our beautiful planet. It’s pretty messy, yet exciting. The focus has to be on ourselves first, in humility…and in POWER because, “Who else is gonna do it?” It’s up to you, baby and it’s up to me…

The good news is that we have some really powerful  energetic support right now. Whether you believe in God or Goddess, Source or none of the above, it’s obvious to anyone who takes a bit of time to just look around. The shake-up is happening! It’s happening personally, communally, politically, sexually, organizationally, scientifically, spiritually. This ain’t boring!

So my recent shakeup of late really kind of hit every one of the above categories! Without going into the messy details…suffice it to say that it left me on my knees howling like a wounded animal. I got that out of my system after more than a few days, picked myself up and dusted myself off,  then looked around and realized that I now had an opportunity to re-think everything! Myself, my body, my work, my money, my love life, my friends, my community, my country, all of it!

So I took a big leap…I decided to really dive into doing things that I want, that I know have value, with no guarantee whatsoever that I would not fall on my face…with no guarantee that it would pay off or generate any income or be sustainable. Yet, I just KNEW I had to do it. I had to walk away from a consulting job that paid me well and had become soul-sucking drudgery and the epitome of white male power games. I had to risk that I would fail…again (something I’ve had lots of practice at!) The reality is that I, almost miraculously, had doors open up that I didn’t even know were there. So I’m pushing the envelope even further…

I’ve stepped into sharing my most Avant Garde stuff in my Nia Dance Fitness class. They love it! I’ve set up a Meditation and Wellness Meetup group and I am introducing them to all my alternative and energy healing tools, all my New Age hacks and tips for a happier, healthier, more vibrant life…and I have over 240 people in the group! Who knew?…not me, obviously. But, I know now that I have to stop playing small. I have to show up as who I really am out there in the world. If I can do it, anyone can do it. Yes, it will feel pretty uncomfortable at times. Some will reject me. When that happens, I can try to just allow it. Others don’t get it and walk away and that’s okay…so it goes. Others are so excited and grateful for what I am teaching them that I am filled with gratitude and love.

When I was really in the soup, bored with my life, hating where I was at…enough to do something about it, I swallowed hard and made some decisions that probably looked pretty crazy to those around me…but I soon began to eclipse into a completely different person, a much happier, healthier version of me.

I’m definitely still a work in progress…and my life is a book being written by me with me as the central character. FYI, it’s the same for you…

Life is a Mystery School….we are all enrolled, but some of us want the PhD… Do You?

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