Live Your Passion Now!


We all want more enjoyment, more happiness, more…PASSION FOR LIFE!

As one who is familiar with my work, you know that a passion of mine is sharing and teaching about how energy and nature can help us to achieve more wellness, wholeness and happiness.

I absolutely LOVE doing this! There was, however, a time when I did not follow my heart. I ignored the calling deep inside… I was unhappy and uninspired. It actually contributed to my experience of a health crisis.

Well, many people today are close to a different type of crisis; I’m talking about people who are longing to live their passions, but they just aren’t.  My colleague, Shena Driscoll Salvato, has become an expert at living her passion. She’s also passionate about sharing this with YOU so that you can live your passion, too!

I’ll be interviewing Shena today on this very topic:

Title: The Energy of Living Your Passion
Date: Friday, April 19th

Time: 11 am Pacific Time, 12 noon Mountain Time, 1 pm Central Time, 2 pm Eastern Time

Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast
To attend, visit:

Phone Number: (206) 402-0100
Pin Code: 804541#

I’m sharing this with you because:

1.  I feel that there is a real need for many of us to focus on living
our passions more fully so we can more effectively share them with the
world and live more vibrant, healthy lives.

2.  I know that those who learn how to connect with their passion will benefit from it.

3. I want others to be able to experience the life-changing energy that can be accessed when we truly begin to live our passions.

Shena will  share  some important ideas and concepts that will help YOU to connect more with your own unique and personal life passion.
She has also put together a very special program to help you to do exactly that. Shena’s program  is designed to help people actualize their ideas and truly live their passions.
Join us for this wonderful interview with Shena and I think you will be inspired…
I want to help you open the doors to LIVING YOUR PASSION  NOW!
Looking forward to having YOU attend!
Warmest Regards,
Malinda Zarate