Love Your Life Experience!

This is a special invitation to Brilliantly and Beautifully Love Living Your Life NOW!

This is the time of year we are being invited to step into a season filled with Light. We see lights on beautifully decorated trees, lights on houses, lights in the stores, lights gracing our table. Light, Illumination.


There is a spiritual renaissance moving in the world and we the light bearers are a magnificent and motley mix. We are traditionalists, non-traditionalists, young, old, we are religious, non-religious, and some of us like one another some of us don’t. I believe that higher frequency of Light is moving into the world and we are being summoned to open our hearts and our minds.


It is with this idea of light in mind You are invited to Join me along with 4 other special guests To experience and be the integration of heaven and earth through BE-ing Love in action and Be-ing Love receiving.


I will be joining Host Debbie Fumanti on Love Your Life Experience next week along with guests Margo Mateas, Mas Sajady, Gil Alan, and Christel Hughes.

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