Money “Nots” Program for Financial Freedom



It’s about the FEAR…and YOU can clear it…intentionally, consciously and subconsciously!

Is MONEY on your mind, front, and center? Is it taking up more bandwidth than you would prefer? Do you feel like you’ve worked on your money stuff forever? 

Do it differently this time…UNTIE THE MONEY KNOT!

Money…It’s a necessity of life…but how is your Money Life? Is it tied up in “Nots?” Are you wondering when you are finally going to figure it out? Get it right? Make it happen?

As elusive as money might seem, it’s really just energy and ideas in the form of numbers on a computer screen, plastic cards or pieces of paper in your billfold or flat little pieces of metal.

We assign all the value and the importance to money. We “buy” into the collective consciousness version of what it’s worth, what we’re worth because of it and whether we’re unworthy because we don’t have a certain amount of it. We try to do what we think will “work”, we fret, fume, and get all worked up about it. We “work our tails off” for it or “work our fingers to the bone” and where does it get us? Exhausted, confused and broke…maybe even depressed. Whew! Pretty frustrating, right?

Does this describe you? When you think about money, do you feel tied up in knots?

Maybe it’s the “Nots” that are keeping you stuck.

  • Not enough
  • Not sure
  • Not successful
  • Not quite ready
  • Not prepared
  • Not disciplined
  • Not deserving
  • And on and on and on…

This program will help you to loosen, unwind and untie some of those big”NOTS” around money.

Loosen, unwind and untie those “NOTS” around money. This is not a “rah rah”, think-yourself-rich program. This program will help you zero right in on the problem, so you can IMPLEMENT THE SOLUTION!

You may find that you start thinking, feeling and acting differently with money! You may find it easier to generate, manage, save and increase your money…THAT IS THE GOAL!

We will come at this from a number of different directions, using all our senses and faculties. This is because we are all different, unique in our life experiences, our perceptions, and understandings. And we all have a subconscious mind…that’s where much of the mental chaos resides.

We will use guided meditation, writing, energy activation, subconscious clearing, belief reprogramming and will-power optimizing to untie the knots and kinks, to clear the “NOTS”.

What can you expect? 

Relief, Clarity, Receptivity, Understanding, Flow, Higher Guidance, Integrity, Creative Ideas..and more! More money, opportunities, connections, and options!

This is a 4-week live program, designed to work with YOUR OWN HIGHER GUIDANCE to powerfully untie knots, clear blocks and open your energetic pathways for more ease and flow with money on all levels – Physical, Mental and Emotional.

This powerful 4-week program will give you a whole new perspective, and covers:

Week 1:  Fear Knot… Where is it coming from? You’ll identify your two biggest fears that keep all the “nots” in place. 

Week 2:   Subconscious clearing so that you can begin to re-write the program.

Week 3:  What is money, really? How can I make a change in my life around it? This week we will begin to see and feel into the new possibilities…

Week 4:  Will-power optimizing. We will check to see how accurate your thinking and feeling is around the changes you want to make.

The program includes:

  • 4-weekly 60-minute Group calls
  • Recordings of all 4 calls for replay if you wish  to replay or are unable to attend  to attend the live call
  • Powerful weekly support materials (audio, video and written) for deepening of your transformation
  • Private Facebook Group Page for sharing (optional)


FOUR WEEKS TO BIG CHANGE! We’ll bring out the “Power Tools”… so that YOUR LIFE CHANGES FOR THE BETTER!

The program begins on Tuesday, Nov. 6th, as we head toward the holidays…and  YES, this is deliberate…because Holidays can trigger more money stress.! This program is  GIFT FOR YOU!

Early Registration Bonus:  If you register before midnight Central Time on Saturday, Nov. 3rd, you will also receive a 50-minute private consultation with Malinda (worth $85)

Your cost for the 4-weeks is  $97