Release Energy Blocks and go From Heartache to Joy!


My friend and colleague, Eram Saeed has a very special event occuring now…

She’s asked me to be a guest speaker and I’m delighted to be involved in a wonderful event designed to help you change your life for the better…

I’m the featured guest speaker TOMORROW, Tuesday, March 5th,  and I will be doing some live clearing of energy blocks during the call.

Are you experiencing pain or struggle? Feeling a lack of love, a lack of money, a lack of purpose?


Would you be surprised to know experts around the world agree that keys to a happy life are more easily available to us in 2013 than ever before?

Listen to what these experts have to say and learn directly from them

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That is correct! All the experts agree that the frequency on the planet has been getting faster and faster and is going to be at its highest in 2013!!! Higher than it has ever been before!!!

What that means for you:

What it means is that you now have the ability to create results FASTER than you could have a couple of years ago…or even a few months ago!

But you MUST know how to access that higher frequency to transform your life from pain and lack toJoy, Abundance, Health

and yes, LOVE!!!

And here is a SHOCKING truth:

Being stuck in struggle in the area of love usually goes hand in hand with the same result in the area of money and financial abundance!

The energy that dictates our state of fulfillment with romantic relationships also directly controls our flow of money and finances!

So even if you THINK you don’t need to create any changes in the area of love & romance, you still need to heal these to create the flow of abundance!!!


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Look, I know that like the rest of the world, you have probably suffered more than usual these past few months. But maybe no one ever told you that it’s not your fault!

There is a scientific reason behind the building pressure that everyone has been feeling…..The energy of change going on the planet has been forcing all of us to shift. You would have to have been living in a cave somewhere not to notice the changes in the world at rapid speed.

There are Powerful Cosmic Forces at work that are causing Massive Shifts in our World.

And learning how to ride these waves of change has never been more important than RIGHT NOW!!!!

Because those who make themselves ready with the right tools and information will find it easy andthose who are not ready will be left behind and will continue to struggle!!!

I want you to make 2013 your MOST ABUNDANT and HAPPY year so far!!!

So I am inviting you to be a part of this global community that has come together from across the world to create the necessary changes to shift into the life of dreams! And I am delighted to tell you that I am part of the teaching faculty for this group. Almost 15 world famous experts will be sharing their BEST and MOST EFFECTIVE tools to give you no holds barred, maximum support to help you attract the most joyful and loving relationship of your dreams!!!

What if you could create a magical life that helps you feel loved and cherished?

The best part is that this information will be presented at NO COST to you!!!

Also, if you decided to be a part of this group, you will receive hundreds of dollars’ worth of FREE gifts from these teachers so that you can get started IMMEDIATELY on your journey of finding YOUR DIVINE RIGHT LIFE EXPRESSION!

This special event holds great promise to bring to you the answer to

Unlocking your dream life full of passion, joy and love.



(space is limited)

These incredible teachings and techniques may never be offered again!

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You will:

·     Finally Learn to have excitement, joy and FUN in your life….imagine waking up every day fully energized and excited ready for an adventure!

·     Get rid of the repetitive, obsessive thought patterns and start living a life that is filled with passion and purpose!

·     Uncover the real reasons behind why you keep experiencing feelings of lack, frustration or even depression…’s not what you think and it can be corrected quickly & easily!



(Get over $997 Training at NO COST immediately after sign-up)


Looking forward to having YOU listen!
Warmest Regards,
Malinda Zarate