Seashell Healing with Zabe Barnes

 Zabe Barnes is a seashell shaman and seashell alchemy teacher who inspires spiritual seekers, practitioners, and teachers to new levels of healing, self-healing and intuitive awareness. The Seashell Healing method that she developed is currently practiced by spiritual seekers, teachers and healing practitioners in twenty-seven countries and counting.

  In 1997, Zabe had a life-changing mystical experience that occurred spontaneously while praying to the Blessed Mother. She found herself suddenly suspended within the Heart of ALL, unable to move or speak for three full days as she was flooded with spiral infusions of light, love, grace, and healing. She now teaches others to access these life-changing energies through her online Seashell Healing Academy where ALL CAN HEAL.

     In 2015, Zabe completed  a 10-year apprenticeship with a Mayan Elder, becoming a master teacher of teachers within that shamanic healing lineage. Zabe draws on 35+ years of teaching experience and works with a dynamic team of Light Beings, Ascended Masters and Angels to bring through soul guidance, soul healing, and soul empowerment in ways that are fast, easy, fun, and uplifting! 

Power Up Shell (pictured below)

Special Offer– Seashell Healing with Zabe

Experience a thirty-minute session with Zabe in which she will choose the three seashell spirals that best support your unique soul brilliance. You will receive soul guidance as well as three energetically enhanced seashell images/cards chosen to empower the awakening of your precious inner magic and your unique healing talents.

You will also receive an energy activation and healing/self-healing technique for the seashell spiral that best supports your soul gifts and your soul journey. Sessions are offered by phone and by Zoom.  Seashell card images will be sent to you via email.

Special Offer Price – $77

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Testimonial from Malinda Zarate:

I have known Zabe for about 5 years and have several personal sessions with her. Her work is completely unique, amazingly graceful, “spot on” and always fun! She is a gentle, loving and powerful guide who brings a very special perspective to help every person to shine their light. I highly recommend her!