Self-Improvement Gifts Giveaway!

Have you heard of the Self Improvement Gifts Giveaway?!

It’s an opportunity to submit your free self improvement gift (report, video, .mp3, etc.) to be included on their list, which will be sent to 40,000+ potential customers tomorrow…

I’m participating this year for the first time and thought I’d pass it on in case you wanted to as well. The friend that told me about it said she got some good leads from it last year, as well as some new clients (she participated at the free level, as I am).

The Giveaway starts tomorrow, so today is the deadline to submit your free opt-in gift. Check it out and good luck if you do decide to participate!

P.S. Where you get placed on the list of free gifts is determined by how many JV partners you inspire to sign up, so please use the link below if you do decide to participate!

Here’s the link:



Warm Regards,