Shena Salvato on Emboldened Heart



Live Your Passion Now … No Excuses!

 Shena Salvato is back! She is an Actualization Guide… She’s passionate and purposeful and her approach to living your life fully and joyfully…without excuses unlike any other! 
What can you expect during this event? 
Shena will help you understand how excuses may be getting in the way of YOU living your passion? You’ll learn about how going on an “Excuse Fast” can support you in more fully, and more joyfully, to live YOUR passion.
Title: Shena Salvato on Emboldened Heart
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This event is a perfect gift for YOU as we head into the holiday season, then into the New Year! Shena has put together a wonderful, powerful and fun “Excuse Fast Circle” special package at a great discount for Emboldened Heart listeners. You can access it here:
Gift YOURSELF with this awesome “Excuse Fast”!  You’ll enjoy this!