Our Time is Now!

A beautiful message from Patricia Cota-Robles… Our Time Is NOW! by Patricia Cota-Robles www.eraofpeace.org   August 9, 2016 We have completed Read More

Drink in the Sweetness of Divine Love…a message from Shanta Gabriel

What a lovely message from Shanta Gabriel to start off the New Year…Enjoy! Drink in the Sweetness of Divine Love Read More

This Very Powerful Time…

I pay attention to what she has to say…very important message from Patricia Cota Robles:   Let’s Take Advantage of Read More

Download the Programs for the Solar PLANETARY CAUSE OF DIVINE LOVE…

This is so magnificent, I felt compelled to share it!   //www.youtube.com/watch?v=raiYEwnK2yA   Enjoy and take it in deeply!   Read More