It’s Safe to Let Your Light Shine…Inspiration from Shanta Gabriel

So perfect for RIGHT NOW! Enjoy…holiday blessings to all – Malinda Inspiration for the Week ~ Shanta Gabriel It’s Safe Read More

Trust in Yourself

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Banish Your Fears with “Emotions Whisperer”, Colleen Flanagan

 Fear-Clearing Replay! with  “Emotions Whisperer” “Don’t cower, empower! BANISH YOUR FEAR! An energizing and entertaining emotional wellness coach and speaker, Colleen Flanagan assists fear-ridden people and pets to Read More

The Energy of Air

THE ENERGY OF AIR     Air…we need it to exist, to survive. It’s one of the basic Elements of Read More

The Energy of Prayers and Blessings

THE ENERGY OF PRAYERS AND BLESSINGS Replay We all want blessings, don’t we? Most of us pray…maybe only when we are in Read More