The Energy of the Subconscious

ENERGY OF THE SUBCONSCIOUS   Fascinating topic, right…?  What goes on in our subconscious and how can we understand and Read More

Energy Healing with The Emotion Code

Emboldened Heart – Energetic Healing ENERGY HEALING WITH THE EMOTION CODE // What is it?  An energetic healing process created Read More

Aleya Dao’s Music, Message and Brightness! Let in the Light! The Energy of Joy – Replays Available

ENJOY THESE LIGHT FILLED REPLAYS! Three Replays and Special offers available  until Midnight EST on Tuesday, July 2nd 1)  BASK IN THE Read More

The Energy of Words

THE ENERGY OF WORDS Words have ENERGY… words have a vibration,  frequency, power… What’s in a word…? A lot of Read More

“Transform Thyself”

“Transform Thyself”    LIVE CLEARING CALL Tomorrow – Wednesday, May 15th We all want freedom, heath, love, abundance and happiness don’t we? What Read More