Wondrous Journey!

I’ve been trying to find the words to describe what happened in Arkansas.  Suddenly  there’s a roomful of wonderful, vivacious, independent new friends reaching for hugs and making you feel special and welcome and part of the tribe.

I didn’t know the other women when I got to the retreat.  Somehow, that really didn’t matter much.  I was already one of them.  My voice was heard.  My feelings were shared.  We laughed, and we danced in the rain.  I finally was able to look at the world around me and breathe a sigh of relief.  With every beat of my heart, I felt the words: I’m not alone.  I’m not alone.  I’m not alone.

All through this wondrous journey, Malinda guided us.  She drew us from across the country, bringing us together.  In so doing, we got to know each other.  More importantly, we got to know ourselves.  I learned from her that it’s okay to be bold.  It’s okay to be different.  There’s a whole sisterhood and brotherhood willing to be different with us.  We just needed her to show us the possibilities.

Mariel R.

Bellevue, NE


Magnificent Presentation!

We would like to thank you so much for speaking yesterday. Your presentation was magnificent. Great energy at the center yesterday and lots of really awesome information you provided.
We would absolutely love to have you come and speak again.
Center for Spiritual Oneness
Hot Springs, AR

Incredible Experience!

Malinda's crystal retreat...It is an amazing experience. I strongly recommend attending!

Carol Thompson

Omaha, NE

Astonishing and Lovely...

A short time ago I worked with Malinda Zarate in helping her create a video, but what she did for me was far more astonishing and lovely than any service I could have offered her. Malinda introduced me to energetic healing, which is something she herself used to recover from a chronic condition. Her story really impacted me because like many others I was impacted by illness in my family that actually was incurable. To know someone who had broken with the normal modes of healing to find her own was inspiring, to say the least. We worked together briefly, and in that time I felt touched and eased physically, emotionally, mentally. If you have a situation that feels untouchable, contact Malinda. She will understand, will lead you in the right direction, and help you make changes. Thank you, Malinda!

Lori Kirstein

Happily Overwhelmed

Your retreat was a HUGE success!  Frankly, I didn't know exactly what to expect, and was happily overwhelmed.  I thought perhaps it would be intensive study and that intimidated me, so when I realized it was all educational FUN, I was thrilled.  I enjoyed the experience, start to finish. Our venue could not have been better.  Beautiful, secluded, cozy.  The trees outside spoke to us, and all of the natural wood inside wrapped its arms fondly around us.  It's no wonder spirits and kind energies were present.
J. Moss
Hot Springs Village, AR

Amazing Retreat!

Malinda created an environment for our women's retreat that was so special, so comfortable and so beautiful that I felt like I was being held in a supportive and nurturing cocoon for the entire time.

Lesley C.

Hot Springs Village, AR

Fusion of Body, Mind and Spirit JOY

I love how you create a fusion of body, mind, and spirit joy in these classes.  Previous knowledge and new ideas are blended to give us an experience that is "bigger than the sum of its parts."  I always take home new information that nestles in next to the old, and enlarges my scope of the subject.  Best of all, it's FUN!

Janet M.

Hot Springs Village, AR

Stay focused on the solution...

Thank you- thank you-- thank you-- I was asking the Universe to send me people of like mind to hold to in this time of -- I don't even know what you call it-- yes- you put it beautifully when you said-- I felt abandoned by the spirit world--But my soul tells me-- there is a blessing in this-- whatever the challenge-- the bigger the blessing-- My job now is to stay focused on the solution and no longer on the problem- and I do believe there is a large enough community of us that will focus on the solution and bring about the blessing☺

Love you Malinda and the work you do--
Dottie M.

I am not even sure how I found Malinda but I am SO GRATEFUL I did!

I am not even sure how I found Malinda but I am SO GRATEFUL I did! Her weekly calls always inspire me and my private sessions with her have been pivotal healing tools for me on my journey through chronic pain and depression. It is truly touching how Malinda gives every week from deep inside her own heart and, through that, always inspires this within me. Thank you Malinda for your healing presence in my life and for all the LIGHT you bring to the planet. Namaste..

Deb Bradt, Yoga Director, Agni Studio
Cleveland, OH

Thanks Malinda for all of the great work you are doing....

Thanks Malinda for all of the great work you are doing....the planet loves you, your listeners love you, and those beyond the veil love YOU...

Marianne B.Edmonton
Alberta, Canada

You are a great interviewer....

You are a great interviewer, you have great energy, and really keep it flowing in a very natural way.

Brad Yates, C.Ht.
EFT Expert

She is a person of great personal honesty and integrity...

I have known Malinda personally for many years. In striving to face and overcome difficulties, she has experienced great personal growth and been an inspiration to all who have known her. Her path has been especially meaningful to me, as I was privileged to be one of her early teachers. She is a person of great personal honesty and integrity and one of the lights of my life.

Rev. Patti B.
San Antonio, TX

Malinda is passionate about connecting...

Malinda is passionate about connecting to effective ways to heal and feel better. I am very grateful for what she has shared with me.

Christina R.
Austin, TX

Malinda has many years of experience...

Malinda has many years of experience as a student and practitioner of energy medicine. She is not only well versed in the subject, but has been in the field long enough to see its development and fully appreciate its path. She is truly passionate about sharing its power and transformative abilities with others, and I can think of no one with more competance, perspective and heart-felt compassion than her, to deliver this important message!

Tina H.
Seattle, WA

Malinda's positive attitude, love of learning and lighthearted spirit helped me...

Malinda's positive attitude, love of learning and lighthearted spirit helped me in my career as an artist and she has been a close friend for many years.

Karen C.
San Marcos, TX

I have learned so much from Malinda...

I have learned so much from Malinda about taking care of my health and my overall well being. For the years that I have known her, she has been passionately devoted to a quest for knowledge on all that relates to living a well balanced, healthy life. I am very grateful to her.

Lissette L.
Austin, TX

Malinda Zarate exemplifies a grounded generosity of spirit.

Malinda Zarate exemplifies a grounded generosity of spirit. Her heart comes through in all she does. I find her message inspiring, and have learned so much from her.

Annelise H.
New York, NY