The Energy of Gems and Crystals


The gems and crystals in our world provide much beauty, and though we may not be aware of it, the energy of these stones supports and heals us. We want health and vitality and we want the spaces that we reside and work in to lift us, to support us, to inspire us and to feel like our own special, beautiful and personal have, so thriving becomes more easy and attainable. Gems and Crystals can assist us.

I know that YOU can create synergy, peace, happiness, wellness and the wholeness that you deserve, and using THE ENERGY OFGEMS AND CRYSTALS is one way to do just that.
How do we learn about using gems and crystals, or how do we recognize the differences, and what are the various uses?
This call focuses on specific ways we can use The Energy of Gems and Crystals to enrich, strengthen and enliven us.

Title: The Energy of Gems and Crystals

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Warm Regards,

Malinda Zarate