The Energy of Power vs Force


 Power vs Force?..


We all want certain things in life, no matter what country we live in, what belief system we have, what religion we practice, what politics we embrace. We all want FREEDOM,  FULLFILLMENT, and HAPPINESS!  What matters is how we achieve it…through true power or by force (which is false, fleeting power).

How can we attain it? We attain it through developing our true power….

Through “Heart-Based” Living, ethical business and personal transformation …

It’s not hard to do, in fact…it’s really pretty easy. We just need a little reminder, a little encouragement, and a LOT OF SUPPORT!

That’s where I come in!

My passion and my mission in life is to support YOU in every possible way to create for YOURSELF, YOUR LOVED ONES, YOUR COMMUNITY and OUR PLANET EARTH a beautiful heart-based life!

Does it take money? Not much, if any – No, kidding….I really mean really not much, if any!

Does it take a lot of time? How much time do you have? Use it ALL in this endeavor, and it will expand YOUR LIFE, YOUR RELATIONSHIPS, YOUR WORLD!

Does it take enormous work and commitment?  No, not at all… It takes YOU deciding to BE THE CHANGE!

Will it work?  YES!, IF YOU JUST GIVE IT AN HONEST AND HEARTFELT TRY…  Is what you’ve been doing working? How much time and effort have you invested in doing it the other way? How much more time would you like to give up…and for what?

I live in the US, and we just celebrated our INDEPENDENCE DAY on July 4th….. It’s certainly true that we’re not perfect…we have our issues and problems, that’s for sure. However, our country was founded as a result of “The Enlightenment”. Our founders were certainly enlightened when they wrote the Constitution of the United States. And no, they weren’t perfect either, but they were attempting to create something that had never been done before. Something really worthwhile, in fact. Something based on enlightened principles, on integrity and freedom of expression.

We all too often forget the founding principles of our country….LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS for EVERYONE.


I appreciate the fact that our country was trying to accomplish something extraordinary. My heart’s desire is that we can all TRULY become peaceful and cooperating CITIZENS OF THE WORLD!  I want this to happen sooner, rather than later…I WANT THIS TO HAPPEN IN MY LIFETIME!


Dedicated and courageous people all over our planet are doing all they can to create such a  world. Examples abound, if we look for them. Finding and recognizing these bright, inspiring individuals is such an important way to recognize OUR OWN POWER!
Please join me in celebrating a genuine way to achieve FREEDOM, INDEPENDENCE AND HAPPINESS as I take you through a compelling journey of the difference between POWER vs.FORCE

We cover some really TRANSFORMATIONAL material…

This is a REAL WAKE-UP CALL! Don’t miss it!



Title: Energy of Power vs Force

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