The Energy of the Moon



The Moon! …it’s lovely, mysterious, bright and beautiful. We’re all drawn to it, no matter whether we are young or old…Why is that?
I’ve had this topic on my list for some time and just recently had someone ask specifically if I was planning to host a call with the Moon as the subject. There’s no time like the present! I can’t think of a more perfect topic right now than the ENERGY OF  THE MOON.
The Moon is a powerful force, and there are so many ways we can connect with the Energy of the Moon for improvement of our health, wellness, wholeness, peace and happiness.
Our hearts are ever more open and right now we are feeling more aware of our own purpose and place in the world, our understanding and perception is deepening…We long to re-connect, with Nature, with ourselves, with others and with the joy of life!
Can we use the ENERGY OF THE MOON to re-connect? Absolutely!
The Energy of the Moon
Here’s the Link to the Replay Page:
Understanding how we can connect with the Energy of the Moon is incredibly important…It can be a trigger for happiness and inner peace.
It can be the basis for a more authentic, more joyful, more abundant life.
This special call will focus on the  ENERGY OF THE MOON, in order to help move you forward on your path to total happiness, peace, wellness, abundance…as a partner with SPIRIT.
Truly connecting with THE ENERGY OF THE MOON will change YOU very deeply and personally.
I will  share  some important ideas and concepts, and I’ll also provide an exercise that will quickly help you YOU to connect more with the ENERGY OF THE MOON, because I want the very best for you!
We’ll identify ways where you can begin using the  ENERGY OF THE MOONand your intention to bless YOURSELF, bless your life, and to achieve  more happiness, more love, more peace, more abundance, and more of whatever  YOUR HEART DESIRES!
Looking forward to having YOU listen in!
Warmest Regards,
Malinda Zarate