Understanding Power Mongers

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Understanding Power Mongers

Posted: 25 Dec 2016 07:52 PM PST

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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for //www.LifeTapestryCreations.com

Summary of Brenda’s December 16, 2016, channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at //www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman:   My next BlogTalkRadio.com channel will be Friday, December 30.    Your internal judgments and comforts are shifting rapidly now for you’re discovering the skills of your new segments. Don’t worry about shifts in your external world for you’re addressing that en masse during sleep time. Your judgments and comfort levels are your focus now. Even though it may seem as if your internal and external worlds are falling apart, in truth, they are being created anew at the request of your new segments.

“Freedom for You and Me” is the title of this week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly, channeled blog for www.LifeTapestryCreations.com.

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Dear Ones,

Perhaps you feel little different from yesterday or last week. Such will not continue. For you added segments just days ago that are likely beyond your comprehension.

The segments you added are the revolutionary, strong, not always morally correct pieces that once pushed you to the forefront in a fear-based world – those pieces you have tried to negate ever since.

All of you have been extremely powerful in other earth lifetimes for you were preparing for this lifetime, this transition. You needed to know from within the powers you held in a fear-based world. So it is that strong piece(s) is now within you.

Perhaps that thought frightens you for you have ‘dummied-down’ that segment(s) because of the shame and guilt that resulted. Yet, that power segment(s) was appropriate for the times.

Now you are using that segment or segments to once again remember your power – which is much greater than you pretended to yourself for eons.

Once you completed that powerful life or lives in the fear module that has been part of the earth for eons, you returned to your docile and subservient role. Such as what many of you portray in this lifetime. “Be kind to everyone.” “Don’t wish too much for yourself.” “Be an example of love.”

Yet, beneath all that loving exterior boiled a cauldron of power and often, cruelty. Something you feared to expose or express for eons following that lifetime(s). You created and practiced those lives for this transition. For indeed, without a power segment, you would continue to be earth martyrs instead of earth leaders.

This thought is extremely confusing to most. For you believe that the current power mongers are terrible people. That they should be loving and caring. And so they will be when the time is right for them to do so. But you cannot create a light those power mongers will notice with your current docile persona.

How many light carriers are wealthy? How many light carriers are powerful enough for the current power mongers to notice? Such is what occurred the past few days. You brought your hidden segments into the open and accepted them as an important part of your new being.

The difficult part for most of you is that you are now afraid of yourself. For that powerful piece or pieces is encouraging you to display your power in unusual – for you – ways.

Your “NO” is no longer a weak statement. Your need to be part of the decision process is far beyond anything you have experienced in this lifetime. And your dislike of those not like you either before or after the past few days is growing, for you have become a bridge person between fear and love.

You understand the fear-based moguls, but you retain your need to bring love to the world. So it is you are moving into new ventures that are more dynamic than you thought possible just days ago.

Before accepting your new power segments, you willingly allowed others to lead or disable those you are currently so uncomfortable with. Now that you accepted your power segments, your thoughts and actions are more strident and less acquiescing than you have experienced in this lifetime.

Those of you fearful of your power segments need to understand that those segments are similar to spices in a stew. Even though the spices add dramatic flavor twists, they do not change that stew is the final product. So it is for you. You have dared to add some very flavorful and dynamic spices to your loving persona.

Even though you remain a loving forerunner, you are no longer willing to fade into nothingness without notable characteristics other than meditating or hoping the Universes will honor you with a destabilization of the current fear-based power mongers.

That is not to indicate you will be protesting in the streets, but instead that you will use your new powers to circumvent actions of fear-based power mongers. You will go against them head-to-head instead of your former stance of, “I hope they hear my plea and change course because of it.”

You have no more pleas, only action.

You will surprise yourself with the spiciness that is now you.

This is what you have been preparing for eons. This new you is a compilation of many yous throughout the Universes. So it is you realize passive love is not enough to expedite this earth passage from fear to love.

Again, that is not to say that you will take office or become a fear-based power monger as radicals may have in the past. But that you will approach New Earth with a larger compilation of loving skills that you practiced in previous fear-based lives. You cannot change something you do not understand.

You were the fear-based power mongers of yesterday.

You will use those skills and that knowledge to shift earth from fear to love without harming yourself or others. You are now an expert in the power monger psychological game. With that expertise, you will shift the earth more rapidly than you thought possible in this earth lifetime.

You hold the upper hand for you now understand power mongers and you will use that knowledge to shift earth to love by following your joy. So be it. Amen.

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