Wellness & Wholeness – a Weekly Focus Program for the Remainder of 2020

Weekly messages of support to open the door to your Health, Strength, Heart, Peace…Wholeness.

Get the best for yourself by using your own energy, thoughts, focus and intentions . 

Information and tools to help you deeply impress yourself with the energy of peace, wellness, goodness…

We are in the midst of enormous change, so why not take advantage of this short, succinct, solid program of support?

I’ve created this simple, affordable, weekly support program for anyone who is interested in a weekly Body/Mind/Spirit gem to inspire them toward a more authentic, solid, brighter, richer, more satisfying experience of life. The weekly focus may be supported by links to videos, audios or articles that will enhance your understanding. 
  1. The program will feature a Weekly Focus that will be delivered by email every Monday for the entire year.
  2. Also included will be links to additional information and tools to help you get the maximum benefit without taking a great deal of your time.
  3. Private Facebook Page (optional) to connect with others who are in the Program
The monthly payment program is $22 per month and you can cancel at any time. Register Here:
Pay $144 for the entire remainder of the year and save  $54  (2% discount). Register Here: