What is Happening on Planet Earth?



An exceptional explanation in this excerpt from Jim Self, of Mastering Alchemy, from his Shift ebook:

There is a Shift, a transformation, a really BIG change occurring.
This Shift that is underway is affecting every aspect of our third-dimensional reality. This Shift is so far reaching that our limited imagination cannot begin to grasp the transition and the changes we are now
in the midst of experiencing. This Shift is affecting every aspect of life on this planet – our political, social
and economic structures, the environment, institutions and wars, how we view our relationships and our
work. Simply put, every thought we think and every feeling we feel. It is altering time, our memory, our
DNA, the wiring of our physical and emotional bodies, our beliefs, our perceptions of good and bad, right
and wrong. Most especially, this Wave of Change is affecting our awareness of what is possible. It is
offering us abundant, new understandings, instructions and possibilities of how to once again live in
harmony with each other, the environment and All That Is.
However, between where we currently exist and this new higher dimension of “Heaven on Earth,” where
we will soon arrive, there is a bit of a gap …
Becoming aware of becoming aware
The “Shift in consciousness” that is occurring is a shift in our very perception of our world. As most of us
have played this game of life, we have tried to fit in and to follow the rules. We have tried to create a
better life for ourselves and for our families. However, in our rush to create more for ourselves – the
bigger house, better car, higher salary, etc., many of us have discovered that we have actually created
less. We have less time to spend in that big house, less time to enjoy the company of our family and
friends and less opportunity to appreciate a sunset or take pleasure in the natural beauty that surrounds
us. Many people have begun to feel that something is not right, that something valuable has been lost.
What is really missing, whether we are aware of it or not, is that we all have lost a part of our “selves”
along the way. And at the end of the day, more, bigger and better has still not been enough. We have
disconnected from the things that truly nourish us and it has left us physically ill, emotionally unhappy,
mentally exhausted and spiritually unclear about who we truly are.
This is now beginning to change.
As more and more of us are awakening, we are beginning to remember who we are. We are recognizing
imbalances in our lives and we are asking ourselves: “What’s really important to me? What truly makes
me happy?” The answer isn’t found through gaining more of the world outside, but in gaining more of
the “me” within.
In our rush to the top we left a part of ourselves behind. We traded respect for competition, kindness for
advantage, and giving for taking. We lost touch with our “Inner Guidance,” which has always directed us
to a higher, more aligned place. This higher place is a place where cooperation, support and
understanding create deeper trust, friendship and compassion.
The Shift is occurring within the Hearts of ALL of humanity and millions are beginning to awaken.

It is an“awakening of consciousness!” It is taking place across the world in every town and village and in the
Hearts of each child, woman and man. We are finding a new passion within, and we are beginning to
recognize that who we are counts. We ALL matter, and we ALL have a contribution to make. This
awakening consciousness has no limits. It is a shift that is taking us all into a higher dimensional
awareness; a higher, more aligned way of life. We are “becoming aware of becoming aware.”


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