What is Happening to our Democracy?..and What To Do Now!!!

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I have been sharing with you that we are in the midst of a 5-month long formation of planets (T-square) that creates a specific challenge in the collective. It involves three planets–Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter.


If you haven’t yet, you can read more about the specific energies of this planetary formation on my blog, but what I want to address is what happens after April 2017, when the 5 month formation is no longer in place.


It occurs to me that in a sense we might be left with a feeling of “I’m just going to wait until after April and hope it gets better.”


And that is unfortunately how astrology is sometimes perceived, as a way to know what will happen and whether things will be “okay.”


But in my experience, that is not what astrology is about. It isn’t here to tell you what will happen. It tells you what energies you are dealing with, and provides you with a spectrum of options in how to respond. 


Here are some examples of choices the t-square offers:


Pluto in Capricorn: Will you respond by accepting someone else’s authority, or discovering the power of your own? Will you build the foundations of a new future or be annihilated by the dysfunctional realities of the past?


Uranus in Aries: Will there be aggression or assertiveness? Innovation or a focus on the threat of terrorism? More breakdown or more breakthrough?


Jupiter in Libra: Excessive compromise or a restoration of justice? Inclusiveness of all human beings or becoming more codependent with your abuser?


What happens after April and beyond depends on how we steer the events and developments that are taking place now, and now is the time to keep choosing consciously, over and over, what you want the future to look like and to find the courage to think, feel, believe, and act in ways that create that future.


Time will go on and there will be more astrology. Cycles will continue to unfold and things will continue to change.


In 2020 three important cycles (Jupiter-Saturn, Saturn-Pluto, and Jupiter-Pluto) come to an end, and step into a new beginning. How we live and what we do now will in large part determine the nature of these new beginnings in 2020, when there will be a significant shift in energies.


Could free and fair elections, free of corporate influence, become a reality in the United States?


I recently became a volunteer for an organization that is creating a grassroots movement to amend the U.S. Constitution and eliminate corporate influence from our elections. This would, indeed, be a significant shift, and it is a real possibility.


I will be sharing more about this on a call, and if you are interested, I encourage you to read this post and sign up to join me on the call.


Click to read the blog post and learn more.


Click here to join me on the call and learn how you can help make this happen.


But whether you click or not, keep stepping into your power, and find your courage and your voice to make a difference, in your way.


All my best,



Marina Ormes, Evolutionary Astrologer

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