What the End of 3D Looks Like

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  • What the End of 3D Looks Like

    surge_protectorDr. Wayne Dyer, a leader in the self-help industry, author, and speaker, died on August 29, 2015. The next day, Wes Craven, a film producer known for slasher/horror films, and Oliver  Sacks, the neurologist who de-mystified non-standard brain behavior, also died. Three men, all from different walks of life with different life paths, all die within 24 hours of each other, and there is a connection.

    Each of these men represents an aspect of the fixed 3D paradigm, light, dark, and mind, that is ending so it can evolve into a more expansive multi-dimensional potential.

    Wayne Dyer represents the light, and he has written and talked about self empowerment and spiritual truth for forty years.

    Wes Craven represents the dark, and his gruesome movies and subjects forced people to face their darkest fears.

    Oliver Sacks represents the mind, as he introduced the public to non-standard brain behavior and made conditions like Tourette’s and autism part of the mainstream language.

    Light, dark, and mind, the three cornerstones of 3D, all pass away at the same time and, at the same time that I had a rather strange, death-like experience.

    If you follow me on facebook, on August 29 I wrote that I had the strange feeling that I was dying. I wasn’t sick or in the hospital, I wasn’t even feeling unwell, this was an energetic experience of disconnecting from 3D, as my guides told me later.  I felt like I was slipping away, out of my body.  I could see my physical world but I was completely disconnected from it, like I was having an out of body experience (I have had three near death experiences and that is exactly what this felt like). My thoughts were of my children and how I would miss them, how I was happy with my life and what I had done so far, and if I was to go in that moment, I was OK with it.

    It was hard to maintain any kind of grounding or balance, so I did some intention and breathing exercises and waited until the sensation went away, which it did after about an hour. When it was over I felt much lighter, disconnected, and free but I knew that something significant had just happened. Before I tie this into the three deaths and how they represent the 3 aspects of 3D, let me elaborate on what happened to me and what may be happening to you too.

    The 3D energy paradigms are ending and ‘death’ is what it feels like. From the body’s perspective, the normal process of death happens when the spirit disconnects from 3D so it can leave our body and pass on, as this is what happens when we come to the end of our life and we ‘die’. So when my body felt this disconnection, it assumed that it was ‘dying’, and that is what it felt like to me. But I was very much alive and noticing everything that was happening to me. In that moment, I was both alive and dead, from the 3D perspective, as my energy was disconnecting from 3D to make new connections.

    We are dying now, but not in the traditional way, as we partially disconnect from 3D so we can add connections to other dimensions to our energetic repertoire. Remember, evolution and ascension are an integration, not a takeover. We are creating ‘heaven on earth’ with an emphasis on the ‘on earth’ part. All of our energy resources have been plugged into the 3D paradigms, like a lamp that is plugged into a single wall outlet. We have to make room in our energy fields for higher dimensional connections by loosening up some of the existing 3D connections.

    We are now releasing some of our 3D energy connections so we can repurpose them into a wider variety of higher dimensional connections. So, instead of our lamp being plugged into a single wall outlet, we’re plugging into a big, multi-outlet surge protector, like the one in the image. This gives us lots more opportunities for a wider variety of connections and a lot more access to other dimensions.

    There’s just that moment of darkness we have to deal with, when we unplug from the wall and plug into the surge protector, which is that space ‘in between’, when we’re both alive and ‘dead’, where our physical body thinks it’s dying as it feels the energetic connection from 3D but in that moment as we make the shift, we disconnect and reconnect at the same time and then we’re born again, so to speak, into new energetic pathways and able to access multi-dimensional awareness and the potential that these connections open us up to. It’s a very exciting time even if those transitions can be a little unnerving to the physical body.

    Now, back to the light, dark, and mind, as represented by Dyer, Craven, and Sacks. If you think of the 3D paradigms as comprised of those three elements, and those three people are known as experts in those three areas, then their deaths represent that transition for us, the passing away of the 3D paradigms and what they represent, and the new beginnings that are now possible. The old always gives way to the new and Uriel has said for many years that with this transition the ‘old guard’ would pass away to make room for the new. Are you ready to become the new lights of the world? It’s time to be beacons and shine now. Our multi-dimensional realities are waiting for us to move them from heaven to earth — moving day has arrived.


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