World Peace Card Meditation

World Peace Card Meditations
Wednesday, March 18, 7:30pm

(based on local time in your time zone)

Future Dates
Wednesday – April 15, May 13, June 17 at 7:30pm

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When printing the cards from this file, print page 2 first, then place this page in your printer and print the image of the peace grids on the back.

World Peace Card Meditation Schedule
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This set of World Peace Cards is offered to you with the hope that you’ll use them to promote peace in the world and to bring peace into your own life as well. The five cards include pictures of the five World Peace Crystal Grids that have been placed at the north and south poles, in the Old City of Jerusalem, in the class room at the International Center for Reiki Training and at the Maluhia Lani Reiki Center on Maui.

The peace cards can be used in a number of ways and include meditating with them, using them to send distant Reiki to the World Peace Crystal Grids thus empowering the grids to create world peace or by using them to create peace in your home and personal life by placing them somewhere appropriate in your home or simply carrying them with you.

Each World Peace Crystal Grid is 12 inches in diameter with 12 petals to represent the form of the heart chakra. The material is solid copper covered with 24 carat gold. A 12-sided quartz pyramid is in the center of the grid; under the pyramid is an image of the Reiki power symbol and the Karuna peace symbol. There is a double-terminated quartz crystal on each petal, and symbols of the major religions of the world and an inscription circle the center of the grid. The design allows the grid to act as a reservoir to hold Reiki energy sent to it by Reiki practitioners using the pictures and the Distant Healing symbol.

The inscription on the World Peace Crystal Grids reads:

May the followers of all religions and spiritual paths
work together to create peace among all people on earth.

New Reiki Grid – Send Reiki to Others

We also have a new image of the World Peace Crystal Grid that can be used for a Reiki Grid. By using it for your Reiki Grid you’ll be tapping into the energy of all the peace grids and this will add to the energy that is sent to all those whose names or photos you place in the grid making the Reiki more effective and adding wonderful feelings of peace and harmony. And each time you charge your grid, you’ll be charging the peace grids for world peace! With this system you’ll use 12 crystals around the outside – placing 1 crystal over each of the crystals in the photo plus 1 crystal in the center and 1 as your master crystal for a total of 14 crystals. The additional crystals will also hold and transmit more energy. Also, remember you can place your goals into the grid as well. I suggest printing it on glossy photo paper if you have it or you could get some at your office supply store. You’ll need to trim the one side of the grid after it’s printed. //

Read the story of the World Peace Grids
Reiki and World Peace
by William Lee Rand

This is a pdf file of an article that appeared in the Winter 2004 issue of the Reiki News Magazine. It describes the World Peace Crystal Grid program, and the adventures William experienced placing them at the North and South Pole and in Jerusalem. The article contains lots of pictures.


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