Wowwww! Pineal Gland Attunement and lots of “Meat n Taters” for your Soul from Rebecca A Messenger on Emboldened Heart – Powerful Replay


Provides for you a



Rebecca’s Mission:

To Help each One realize how very precious they are…

To help each One see that they are the greatest Treasure.

Nothing is more important than following your heart’s

desires, for it will always keep you on course.

Rebecca shares a very  important message from Sananda for each one of us. Amazing! She then offers a Special Attunement of the Pineal Gland sanctioned by Archangels Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael and Michael. This Attunement will activate three points of Light within your 3rd eye system which will allow for greater ease of communication with Spirit. The energy is “live” in the recording, so you can still benefit if you didn’t listen during the initial interview. 

Here’s the link for my interview with Rebecca A Messenger:

Title: Rebecca A Messenger on Emboldened Heart

The atunement energy is available in this recording. Enjoy!

 Rebecca is one very special gal! She’s intuitive, fun, insightful and WOW! Does she ever have a powerful Celestial Team…including Divine Mother, Archangels…and many more!  WOW! Her work is, as she calls it, “Meat n Taters” for our soul!

She also put together a fantastic special offer package FOR YOU, which includes:

1)  “Get Rich with Your Spirit Guide” audio program.

2) Heart Point Technique (HPT) instruction manual

3) “7 Tips for Spiritual Housecleaning”

4) “Guided Tour of the Other Side” audio mp3 

5) Coupon for a $25 discount on any of her other programs

Rebecca’s Special Offer Package can be accessed here:


You’re gonna love Rebecca.. She’s a LIGHT for the planet!

She is an absolute gem!

Warm Regards,

Malinda Zarate