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Featured Guest - Tom Paladino
Tom Paladino
Tom Paladino's 25 years of Scalar Energy research led him to develop a revolutionary scalar light wave treatment process that uses this fundamental force to disassemble pathogens that cause chronic infectious disease. The scalar energy protocol of the Pathogen Cleanse, Nutrient Therapy and Chakra Balance is an innovation and has never been duplicated, hence, this unique treatment modality is not available anywhere else in the world.
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My mission and heart's desire is to help radically improve the lives of others, in every way possible! I envision a world where people of all ages, in all countries can learn to use simple, yet powerful heart-based energy approaches to create their own bright future filled with happiness, peace, health and abundance. That is my wish for YOU!
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Malinda's background includes mediation, training of top professionals in conflict resolution, public speaking and success as an international business consultant. She experienced a huge "heart break-through" herself. From difficult childhood circumstances to frightening health and financial challenges as an adult, Malinda was pushed to the breaking point. Desperately seeking answers, she immersed herself in learning about bold alternatives and special energy healing processes that totally transformed her life. She is now dedicated to helping others get the same or even better results!
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I am so excited to have you attend this incredibly powerful learning event -- fascinating interviews with amazing speakers sharing ground-breaking insights and techniques that will inspire and totally transform YOU!

“Emboldened Heart – What Does it Mean?”

A dear friend who happens to be a bit of a skeptic about all things considered energy-transformational (some call it “Woo Woo”) recently viewed  this website. She asked me this very question. I told her that my focus was on heart-based living, and of course she said to me next, “What does that mean”?  I told her it meant that I believe that everyone should consider their heart in making any significant life decision, rather than relying strictly on brain logic and critical thinking. Our heart is a much better barometer of our own truth.  In fact, it’s been scientifically proven that our heart actually has it’s own intelligence and waves which are much stronger and with more reach than brainwaves!

I realized that I needed to have a more expanded definition for those confused questioners I would surely encounter out there while promoting my events, my business, and my mission. So here goes:

The actual definition of the word “EMBOLDEN” is:
Thesaurus Legend:  Synonyms Related Words Antonyms
Verb    1.    embolden – give encouragement to

cheer, hearten, recreate
buck up, take heart
– gain courage
encourage – inspire with confidence; give hope or
courage to


encourage, cheer, stir, strengthen, nerve, stimulate, reassure, fire,

animate, rouse, inflame, hearten

invigorate, make brave, give courage, vitalize, inspirit
as in...Emboldened by his success, he started on a second novel.

Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition. 2002 © HarperCollins Publishers 1995, 2002

Yes, this is exactly what I’m after here! I want to ENCOURAGE, STRENGTHEN, REASSURE, ROUSE, ANIMATE, INFLAME, HEARTEN, STIR, CHEER AND VITALIZE  my listeners...

I really do have the right words for my passion and focus – Yes!

I’m so grateful and thankful for the right words to describe my mission! Please join me for the journey if you, too, want an EMBOLDENED HEART!!!
Malinda Zarate
Founder and Host
"You are a great interviewer.... you have great energy, and really keep it flowing in a very natural way."
Brad Yates, C.Ht. EFT Expert
"Thanks Malinda for all of the great work you are doing....the planet loves you, your listeners love you, and those beyond the veil love YOU...."
Marianne B.Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
"Malinda Zarate exemplifies a grounded generosity of spirit. Her heart comes through in all she does. I find her message inspiring, and have learned so much from her."
Annelise H., New York, NY
"I have learned so much from Malinda about taking care of my health and my overall well being. For the years that I have known her, she has been passionately devoted to a quest for knowledge on all that relates to living a well balanced, healthy life. I am very grateful to her."
Lissette L., Austin, TX.
"Malinda's positive attitude, love of learning and lighthearted spirit helped me in my career as an artist and she has been a close friend for many years."
Karen C., San Marcos, TX
"Malinda has many years of experience as a student and practitioner of energy medicine. She is not only well versed in the subject, but has been in the field long enough to see its development and fully appreciate its path. She is truly passionate about sharing its power and transformative abilities with others, and I can think of no one with more competance, perspective and heart-felt compassion than her, to deliver this important message!"
Tina H., Seattle, WA
"Malinda is passionate about connecting to effective ways to heal and feel better. I am very grateful for what she has shared with me."
Christina R., Austin, TX

"I have known Malinda personally for many years. In her strive to face and overcome difficulties, she has experienced great personal growth and been an inspiration to all who have known her. Her path has been especially meaningful to me, as I was privileged to be one of her early teachers. She is a person of great personal honesty and integrity and one of the lights of my life."
Rev. Patti B., San Antonio, TX

"I am not even sure how I found Malinda but I am SO GRATEFUL I did! Her weekly calls always inspire me and my private sessions with her have been pivotal healing tools for me on my journey through chronic pain and depression. It is truly touching how Malinda gives every week from deep inside her own heart and, through that, always inspires this within me. Thank you Malinda for your healing presence in my life and for all the LIGHT you bring to the planet. Namaste.."
Deb Bradt, Yoga Director, Agni Studio, Cleveland, Ohio
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